The Bachelor Ladies Fed Up with Competing for Nick Viall

The Bachelor
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The Bachelor formula has worked well in the past. However, has it backfired on Nick Viall this season?

Season 21 of The Bachelor carries on the tried and tested formula of the popular reality TV series. This time around, Nick Viall is looking for the girl of his dreams.

As always, the show delivers a cast of ladies who are eager to be the one for Nick. Yet, is The Bachelor system no longer working?

The Bachelor Ladies in Tears

Essentially, The Bachelor ABC is a competition. In spite of the romance hype, each lady has to prove herself worthy in order to win the heart of Nick. This has worked for every season in the past. Hence, there would be no reason for it to fail now.

Then again, the ABC dating series possibly did not count on the ladies breaking down in tears after a group date with The Bachelor season 21. US Weekly revealed Vanessa and Danielle M. broke down after their volleyball game date. Apparently, Vanessa is unhappy with how they have to go about impressing Nick.

“I thought this entire date was just going to be fun and relaxed, but at the same time, how can my relationship get to another level when all Nick is experiencing is me being competitive at a volleyball game,” Vanessa told the camera.

“I’m just fed up with it. I’m fed up with having to compete for time, I’m fed up with having to get his attention. And the fact that I have to go through these next few weeks having to deal with all the competition and all the gossip and all the talk, it’s so annoying, and I’ve been so patient,” Vanessa added.

Even the Bachelor Nick Viall agreed with Vanessa. In fact, he revealed the date possibly had the opposite effect of what he hoped to achieve with the ladies.

Who is leaving The Bachelor?

As luck would have it, Vanessa is not on the list on the elimination list of Heavy. Instead, six other ladies might go home. Four of them were not able to go solo dates with Nick. These are Jaimi King, Josephine Tutman, Alexis Waters, and Whitney Fransway.

The outspoken Jasmine Goode will reportedly go home as well. Sadly, Danielle Lombard will say goodbye also in spite of her slow dance with Nick during the Backstreet Boys performance.

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Image source: Facebook/Nick Viall

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The Bachelor Ladies Fed Up with Competing for Nick Viall

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