The Americans Season 5 Plotline Revealed, ‘We Try to Stay in a Bubble’ Says EPs

The Americans Season 5
The Americans

The Americans Season 5 may take the other side of the story in the upcoming installment. This is what the executive producers revealed during the Television Critics Association winter press tour.

The Americans Season 5 on Current Events

Recent news has been reported about the evidence in an actual Russian hacking. Despite having similarities in what the FX series covers in 2013, this Cold War-era plot does not feel new for the EPs anymore.

According to Vulture, The Americans’ co-showrunner and series creator Joe Weisberg mentions that it is kind of fun to see recent headlines, knowing that it was already covered in the series. Back then, Soviet spies residing in United States were still a revealing script.

In addition, Weisberg shares that the show’s essence is to tell the message, “Hey, look these people who we think of as enemies are really just like us.” Those were in the days when US and Russia are still in good terms. But now, as events go out of control, it might not do any better.

In accordance to this, the people behind the show decided not to put a thin line between their story and current happenings. They will not also mention even Donald Trump.

“We try to stay in a bubble because we don’t want anybody to feel that the people doing this show were watching current events,” Weisberg adds. He explains that it cannot be done within a period show.

Season 5 Plot

Moreover, Season 5 will reportedly focus more on Soviet Union. In the premiere episode, viewers will see Oleg (Costa Ronin) coming to his homeland and work as a local KBG Agent. This storyline aims to show the other side of the story. After all, four seasons have been about Oleg’s life in America.

Vox reported that the series is a portrayal of the 80s era espionage. It features Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys as Soviet undercover agents in America. They faked their identities as a married couple in order to fulfill their mission. Furthermore, viewers will find out more when The Americans Season 5 returns on March 7, 2017.

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Image Source: Facebook/The Americans

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The Americans Season 5 Plotline Revealed, ‘We Try to Stay in a Bubble’ Says EPs

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