The Affair Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: Helen Discovers She Never Really Knows Noah

The Affair Season 3

The Affair Season 3 episode 6 is all about the load that comes from all the second chances that life gives. The episode also posed questions like, how is it possible to know someone or can there be a re-acquaintance between fathers and sons or husbands and wives.

Helen Argues With Martin in The Affair Season 3 Episode 6

The episode began with Helen having dinner with her parents Bruce Butler and Margaret, along with Dr. Vic. Helen’s parents announce that they are planning to get back together. Her parents separated after Bruce cheated.

This creates whirlwinds of thoughts in Helen’s head, which prompts her to wonder how she can have Noah back in her life. She has been trying out everything that can get Vic out of her life and bring back Noah.

In the next scene, Helen repeatedly calls on Noah at a parents/teacher conference at Martin’s school. Noah was also supposed to attend the conference but doesn’t show up. Martin has been deliberately skipping school for no viable reason. She and Martin then argue over his father and Helen stops short of blurting out what happened on the night of the accident.

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The Affair Season 3 Episode 6 Sees Helen Face The Truth

Helen reaches Noah’s sister Nina while looking for him. In a conversation, Nina revealed that Noah used Helen to get away from his own family. Helen was too much of a narcissist to have noticed that. She also advised that it is time that Helen and the kids moved on.

Nina also said that Helen had no idea about the real cause behind the fallout between Noah and his father. This further implied that Helen doesn’t know much about Noah. Nina also reveals that she doesn’t thin Noah is behind the death of Scotty Lockhart.

The Affair Season 3 episode 6 also saw Helen visiting Max, who is getting married to a Vogue editor. This again shocked Helen, who hooked up with Max after splitting from Noah. Helen keeps on pressing him on telling her whether Noah cheated on her in college. This caused Max to finally throw her out.

Back at home Vic tries to go through Helen’s father’s books as he wanted to know more about his girlfriend’s parents. Helen finally manages to send Vic off for a drink after Martin shows up and asks him to “f*** off.”

Helen then had a talk with Martin and finds out he has been to his grandfather’s lake house with Noah. She immediately pushes off to Pennsylvania only to find an empty house. Helen finds him by the lake and when she calls her he turns around and glances at her like a wild animal.

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The Affair Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: Helen Discovers She Never Really Knows Noah

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