The 100 Season 4 Trailer Teases the End of the World

The 100 Season 4
The 100

The 100 Season 4 will be back in a few short months. Based on its recently released trailer, fans will get front-row seats to the end of the world. Is there hope for Clarke and everyone living on Earth?

As the TV Series Finale site reported, The CW has just released the show’s official trailer. It promises that the end is coming. Avid fans will recall that at the end of The 100 Season 3, Clarke literally pulled the plug on Alie, the A.I. trying to take over the world. But that was not before the artificial life form warned the embattled leader what will come next for the survivors.

The World Ends Again in The 100 Season 4

It would appear that Alie knew what she was talking about as what she described would happen starts to manifest. The 100 Season 4 trailer kicks off with the distressing sight of a wave of radiation hitting a lone Grounder, who immediately starts to disintegrate. Viewers are also given glimpses of a man covered with lesions and a large number of bodies wrapped and being disposed.

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But it is not just the radiation that the survivors have to worry about. It is the other survivors too. Raven is seen trying to outrun gunfire, while Octavia continues her reign of terror and vengeance. One scene even shows Roan telling Indra about her ward’s reputation for being the “death from above.”

Interestingly, Bellamy and Jaha seem to be determined to make amends as they try to save as much people as they can. Meanwhile, Kane appears to have gone the opposite direction, and the usually loyal Monty has started to question Clarke.

The 100 Season 4 is not all death and destruction, though, as the trailer hints of several pockets of happiness. Murphy seems to have gotten a new lease on life and love, while Kane and Abby shared a kiss.

There is even a chance that Bellamy and Clarke have finally put aside their differences for the sake of their people. The 100 Season 4 is set to return on The CW on Feb. 1, Wednesday.


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The 100 Season 4 Trailer Teases the End of the World

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