The 100 Season 4 Bellamy and Clarke Faces Tough Decision Plus Poster Released, Hints Possible Season 5 Renewal

The 100 Season 4
The 100 season 4

Viewers have already seen the promos for The 100 season 4 premiere episodes and are no doubt ready to watch until the end. The CW series returns in just a few days and fans are itching to know what is next.

Bunch of speculations emerged after the promos hinted that show’s heroes can only be in earth for about six months. After that, the planet is going to be inhabitable. Therefore, many are wondering what it will take to save humanity.

According to Hypable, episode 1 titled Echoes will pick up where the third season left off. This means that the episode will be tackling the emotional fallout that happened in the season 3 finale.

Despite Clarke and her friends’ victory over ALIE, there are some things that cannot be undone. It can be remembered that horrible things happened while she was in control. But due to the unimaginable circumstances (potential end of the world!), fans will be seeing where the show is headed after these extreme decisions.

As per the source, it has been reported that Clarke and Bellamy will be facing one of their many complex decisions. The two of them are thinking twice whether ALIE’s message of doom should be publicized or they should just keep it to themselves in order to avoid panic.

In line with this, Clarke and Bellamy will eventually find out that their leadership, along with their core group is way better fighting together than apart. It seems like the duo will carry on throughout season 4.

The 100 Season 4 Premiere and Poster

Den of Geek reported that the premiere episode sneak peek features a new Grounder named Ilian. Jason Rothenberg teased a spoiler for this new character. “He was forced to do some horrible things while being driven by A.L.I.E. He is dedicated to making sure that never happens again.”

Fans will soon see how Bellamy and Clarke will deal with this situation. Moreover, the season 4’s poster has also been released with the motivating tagline, “From the ashes we will rise.” Who knows as these words may even clue in to a potential season 5!

The 100 Season 4

The 100 Season 4 premieres on February 1. Check out GoshTV’s previous coverage on this series.

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Image Source: Facebook/CWThe100

Video Source: YouTube/The CW

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The 100 Season 4 Bellamy and Clarke Faces Tough Decision Plus Poster Released, Hints Possible Season 5 Renewal

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