Thalia Heffernan Warns Dancing with the Stars Drama Not Over

Dancing With The Stars
Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars starrer Thalia Heffernan may have bid her goodbye last elimination, but her farewell is not going to be the show’s last drama. The model teases more shocking events in the future.

According to RTE Entertainment, Heffernan and her professional dance partner Curtis Pritchard achieved twenty points after they jived to the song Happy by Pharell Williams. But despite this impressive score, it was still not enough.

The report further revealed that the judges’ score plus the viewers’ vote indicated that their time on the dance floor has ended. Heffernan added in her interview after the elimination that somebody had to go.

However, she fearlessly predicts that the twists in the next few days will be caged not in just the routines. “I think it is all going to be shocking. It is all going to be a big shock experience,” says the youngest of the contestants.

Thalia Heffernan on her Dancing with the Stars Vote Off

Heffernan shares that the surprise elimination of her fellow contestant Hughie Maughan last Sunday proves the competition could be anyone’s game. She explained that it is what competitions are about.

“And that is what makes them so appealing. Hopefully I and Hughie can both come out together on Sundays to watch the show – we will still be the loudest here!”

Moreover, the model also predicted who she thinks will win the glitterball trophy. She shared that it will be Red Rock star Denise McCormack and her professional dance partner Ryan McShane.

Thalia Heffernan explained that there is great chemistry between them and both move so incredibly well. But she also believes everyone deserves to be in the show because of their talents.

In addition, she also said that she is not regretting anything as long as Pritchard is proud of her. She also describes the contestants as her family.

“I am happy to leave because it means everyone else can stay. I know that sounds ridiculous but genuinely it is a bittersweet feeling of, ‘Yeah, I am so sad I am not going to be with everyone again, but it is great to know that everyone else is still here and they have a chance to win’.”

Furthermore, Irish Times reported that Mannion, O’Mahony and Orsmond will be at the bottom if they do not cope with the competition’s standards. Dancing with the Stars airs Sundays on RTE.

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Image Source: Facebook/DancingWithTheStars

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Thalia Heffernan Warns Dancing with the Stars Drama Not Over

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