TGIT Women Unite in New Promo as Scandal Season 6 Gears for Its Return

Scandal Season 6

Scandal season 6 is ready for its premiere this January after seven months of waiting. It debuts the same night as Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder return from their winter break. No less than the TGIT women come together to promote the red-letter day.

Scandal returns to Thursdays with the premiere of its sixth season. Thus, another reason to make sure popcorn and wine are on hand for the telecast of the Shonda Rhimes’ productions. Indeed, the TGIT women offer three good reasons for it.

Spoilers about Scandal season 6 suggest the emergence of a new Olivia Pope. The tagline for a poster of the series hinted a shift in the balance of power is about to take place. TV Line recalls the political roller coaster the ABC drama went through during season 5. Indeed, the presidential race could rival actual events from last November.

Thus, it would be interesting to see who wins between Mellie Grant and Francisco Vargas. Will Scandal season 6 imitate real life with another explosive outcome to its fictional elections?

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Scandal Season 6 to Feature Shocking Twist to Election Outcome?

However, the elections were not the only controversy leading up to the new season. As always, the romantic angle added a few twists to the political-drama series. David Rosen slept with Susan Ross. However, their relationship did not last. Ultimately, he went back to Elizabeth North.

Mellie also had her share of sexual tension with Marcus. Thus, would season 6 give them a chance to seal it with a kiss? Of course, hope springs eternal for Olivia and Fitz to reunite. Although, Olivia does have other things on her mind. In particular, the death of Andrew Nichols whom she beat with a metal chair. Thus, it is a secret Cyrus threatens to use against her.

Kerry Washington earned a nomination for Outstanding Performance by a female actor for the 2016 film titled Confirmation. She returns as Olivia Pope for the sixth season of the hit ABC political-drama series Scandal. The show moved its premiere date in light of the lead star’s pregnancy at the time.

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TGIT Women Unite in New Promo as Scandal Season 6 Gears for Its Return

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