Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 5 Recap: Peter Escapes; Scott’s Pack Confirms Stiles Exists

Teen Wolf
Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 5 titled Radio Silence showed viewers that no one is safe. This is when it comes to the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt. Will Scott’s pack ever remember Stiles’ existence?

The fifth episode of Teen Wolf Season 6 opened the series with Dylan O’Brien’s role at the train station. Stiles was with a couple of people, who all turned out to be victims of Ghost Riders, taken from the real world and erased from existence.

The episode showed courage and forgiveness from the characters. Here are the highlights.

Stiles Meets Peter Hale

Unfortunately, of all people who Stiles had to meet, it had to be Peter Hale. The latter was last seen locked up in Eichen house. However, when he got out and tried to escape, the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt took him.

In line with this, the former Alpha explained to Stiles that the train station was not real and that everything was an illusion because there is no such train station in Beacon Hills. “If this is the Wild Hunt, there is no escape,” says Peter.

Lydia Sees Stiles’ Jeep

While everyone seems to give up, Lydia saw Stiles’ car outside the school parking lot. It was supposed to be towed by personnel, but she paid the said man and claimed the jeep with the help of Scott. Unexpectedly, her Banshee instinct does not cry out for Stiles’ death but cries out for his existence.

Stiles and Peter Escape

Both Ghost Riders’ captives tried to find a way out of the illusionary train station, along with another person. The said person they met inside insists trying to leave. However, after his attempt, he died.

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This caused Peter’s freaked out reaction, thinking no one is ever going to remember them. But Stiles answered, “Someone’s gonna remember me. Lydia, Scott, Malia, someone who can find me. They’ll come for me, but they will never come for you.”

Stiles Exist!

Stiles managed to contact Scott, Malia and Lydia through a certain room from where he is. He managed to connect to his jeep’s radio.

Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 5 ended with the rest of Scott’s pack confirming Stiles’ existence. How? It is because Peter Hale managed to cross through the portal, alive.

Luckily, being a werewolf has an advantage doing it. At the end of the day, though Peter Hale was toast to death crossing the said portal, he did something honorable for his daughter, Malia.

Teen Wolf fans were aware of the budding relationship between Malia and Stiles before he disappeared. After this midseason finale, Teen Wolf Season 6 will return on Jan. 3, Friday.


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Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 5 Recap: Peter Escapes; Scott’s Pack Confirms Stiles Exists

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