Teen Wolf Cody Christian ‘Furious’ Over Leaked Nude Video

Teen Wolf Cody Christian
Teen Wolf Cody Christian

Teen Wolf Cody Christian feels betrayed after his nude video leaked online.

The video, which is a series of Snapchat clips, made it online over the weekend. At one point, the actor was also seen in some racy acts in front of the camera.

HollywoodLife cited a source saying the 21-year-old actor is furious and mortified of the recent event. It is still unknown who took the videos and how it made its way on the internet.

“He’s absolutely mortified, embarrassed and FURIOUS over the video leak. To say he is pissed would not even begin to do justice to the level of his anger right now. But the main feeling he’s experiencing is humiliation. He seriously can’t believe this has happened to him—he never in a million years thought he would fall victim to a betrayal like this, and he feels violated,” the insider said.

The source added that Christian does not even want to leave home to work. The young actor is known for playing Theo in MTV’s Teen Wolf and Mike Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars.

Christian is not the first celebrity who became the center of a nude scandal. Private photos and videos of several other celebrities have also leaked online. Last month, Christian’s co-star in Pretty Little Liars, Lucy Hale, also became a victim of hacking.

Hale’s topless pictures leaked online following a phone hack. The images showed the actress in bed with her breasts exposed. The pictures were allegedly stolen from one of Hale’s friend’s cell phone.

Teen Wolf Cody Christian Fans’ Reaction

Many of Teen Wolf fans took to social media to express support to the actor. Some said they did not watch the video. The hashtag #WeRespectYouCody also began trending on Twitter in support of Christian.

Meanwhile, Teen Wolf Cody Christian’s co-star Dylan Sprayberry (Liam Dunbar) poked fun of his friend’s nude video. Sprayberry posted a series of hilarious tweets saying he will leak his nude videos as well to take the heat off of Christian.

Meanwhile, Christian’s character, Theo, recently returned in the MTV hit series. Using Kira’s sword, Liam was able to free Theo from purgatory.

Teen Wolf season 6 airs every Tuesday at 9 P.M. EST in MTV channel.

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Image Source:  Instagram/Cody Christian

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Teen Wolf Cody Christian ‘Furious’ Over Leaked Nude Video

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