Teen Wolf Actor Tyler Posey on Social Media Break: ‘I’ll Still Be Around, Just in a Different Way’

Teen Wolf Tyler Posey

Teen Wolf starrer Tyler Posey revealed that he will be taking a break from using social media sites for awhile. This has been announced on his Instagram account with almost 4 million followers.

Teen Wolf Actor on his Mother’s Death Anniversary

Posey shared this inspirational post through the said platform as he remembers his late mother. Her second death anniversary recently passed and still, things have not been easy for the Teen Wolf actor.

According to International Business Times, the message states that Tyler Posey’s post was inspired by a good friend. “My family and I lost my mom 2 years ago last month. It put a lot of doubt and trouble in my head, even writing this right now I am not really sure what to say,” the 25-year-old star said.


Posey added that he only knows one thing; he loves his mother more than anything. He went on explaining that losing this most important part of his life unveiled some priorities into perspective. “I am going to take a break from this app and other social platforms for a while,” Posey announced.

Moreover, he thanked his avid followers for supporting his heartfelt post. The male star has been nothing but grateful to his followers. In line with this, he promised to be around in some other way. As he finishes the post, Posey bids his happy holidays greetings. He wanted this decision to inspire more people than sadden them.

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Tyler Posey’s Love Life

Meanwhile, Tyler Posey was mainly acknowledged on MTV series Teen Wolf in 2014. His 55-year-old mother named Cyndi died in 2014 due to breast cancer. He was known for being in a relationship with the 19-year-old actress Bella Thorne. Unlike her ex-boyfriend, the Shake It Up star was more active on social media.

In fact, she was recently in the middle of issues for two-timing relationship between Tyler Posey and Charlie Puth, as per USA Today. Posey and Thorne first got together in October and broke up in November. Furthermore, setting aside all these issues, see more of Posey’s Teen Wolf Season 6 on Jan. 10, 2017.

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Teen Wolf Actor Tyler Posey on Social Media Break: ‘I’ll Still Be Around, Just in a Different Way’

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