Tangled TV Series Premiere Date Revealed, Rapunzel in No Hurry to Marry Eugene

Tangled TV Series Premiere Date

The Tangled TV series premiere date happens on March 24. The small screen adaptation debuts after the TV movie Tangled Before Ever After airs on March 10.

Prior to the Tangled TV series premiere date, Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi will reprise their roles as the voices of Rapunzel and Eugene in the TV movie. The teaser for the series hinted at what fans can expect, E News reports.

Songs and adventure await fans in this new Tangled content. Moreover, Rapunzel hints at Eugene getting to know her family better. This is significant as the couple intends to settle down someday.

No Wedding during the Tangled TV Series Premiere Date

Alas, fans hopeful for a wedding to happen soon are in for a surprise. As it turns out, Rapunzel is not in a hurry to get married. Neither the TV movie nor the Tangled TV series will feature a royal ceremony.

Apparently, Rapunzel is still coming to terms with her new role as the Princess of Corona. She also has to deal with the presence of her father who is overly protective of her. His concern stems from her abduction as a baby so the king does not want something bad to happen again.

With Rapunzel’s refusal to get married right away, settling down with Eugene within the confines of the castle walls is far from happening. Her intention to live her life on her own terms comes to fruition with the help of her handmaiden, Cassandra (Eden Espinosa). The two will embark on a secret adventure that leads the princess to a surprising outcome.

Tangled Sequel Welcome’s Back Rapunzel’s Long Locks

The Tangled movie sequel brings back Rapunzel’s hair. As it turns out, her adventure with Cassandra led them to encounter mystical rocks. Consequently, its effect led to Rapunzel growing back her long blonde hair.

The Princess of Corona will have a hard time getting rid of her tresses as scissors apparently have no effect on it. Aside from her hair, fans can also look forward to the return of the original cast members from the 2010 film.

Jeffrey Tambor returns as Big Nose, M.C. Gainey plays the Captain of the Guards again, and Paul F. Tompkins comes back as Shorty. According to TV Line, new additions to the Tangled cast include Queen Arianna, voiced by Modern Family’s Julie Bowen and King Frederic voiced by Clancy Brown from Sleepy Hollow.

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Image source: Facebook/DisneyTangled

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Tangled TV Series Premiere Date Revealed, Rapunzel in No Hurry to Marry Eugene

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