SWAT Reboot Casts Shemar Moore as Lead

SWAT reboot
Shemar Moore

SWAT reboot made headlines earlier as the new CBS series to join the revival trend on television. This time around, it will certainly catch everyone’s attention as it cast Criminal Minds alum Shemar Moore as its lead star.

No doubt, this ensures Shemar Moore will not be returning to Criminal Minds anytime soon. Nonetheless, fans of the actor will see the heartthrob in a new role in the upcoming drama series for the SWAT reboot pilot.

SWAT is the latest action-drama reboot from CBS. Previously, the network canceled Rush Hour based on the Chris Tucker/Jackie Chan flick. Training Day is currently in its first season but no news yet on whether a follow-up will happen.

Shemar Moore’s Role in SWAT Reboot Cast

In addition to playing the lead, Moore reportedly serves as a producer on the pilot according to Variety. Thus, it would appear he is fully invested in the TV show.

From his character as Derek Morgan in Criminal Minds, Moore will play the role of Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson. TV Guide’s description of the character appears to be a perfect match for the 46-year old actor to showcase his talent and amazing physique.

“A dyed-in-the-wool S.W.A.T. lieutenant who’s conflicted between his loyalty to the streets and his officers when he’s tasked to run a unit that’s sort of a last resort for solving crimes in Los Angeles.”

Bond Girl Stephanie Sigman also joins the SWAT reboot cast. She plays the role of Jessica who is apparently a high-ranking member of the team. Yet her personality could be a challenge to the dyed-in-the-wool Harrelson (Moore) as she is reportedly ruthless and demanding.

SWAT Reboot Forecast Gets Stronger

The entry of Moore could bode well for the future of the SWAT reboot. It might possibly attract his followers from Criminal Minds who are eager to see him back on television. Fans of the procedural crime drama series previously appealed to the show to bring back Moore along with Thomas Gibson.

Earlier forecasts already praised the inclusion of Justin Lin on the SWAT reboot project as director. Given his credentials in big name franchises like Fast & Furious, Star Trek Beyond, and Scorpion, the SWAT reboot might feature theatrical action sequences as well.

This image along with a weekly dose of Moore’s pecs and abs could provide CBS with a winning combination in the revival trend series. Are you eager to see Shemar Moore back on television?

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Image source: Facebook/Shemar Moore

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SWAT Reboot Casts Shemar Moore as Lead

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