Swamp People Season 8 Trailer Promises a More Dangerous Adventure

Swamp People season 8 trailer
Swamp People

The Swamp People season 8 trailer gave the best news fans wanted to know about the reality series. At the same time, it assured a greater–albeit dangerous–adventure is ahead.

The Swamp People season 8 trailer likely laid to rest the fears of fans about the show’s return. Moreover, it appears a number of fan favorites are back on the reality series.

Previous plans of the History Channel for the Swamp People marked season 7 as its last, the Gazette Review reported. However, the outcry of fans over the cancellation seemed too much to ignore. Hence, their decision to reconsider and bring it back for another season starting February 16 at 9 p.m.

Swamp People Season 8 Trailer Teases Greater Danger Ahead

Anyone who doubts the popularity of Swamp People should see the sneak peek video from their Twitter page. Hence, its caption, “By popular demand.” Moreover, the teaser reveals the hunters will face greater danger in season 8.

Apparently, their problems go beyond the physical risk of catching alligators. As it turns out, this gator season is particularly challenging for the hunters.

According to the synopsis of season 8 on History Channel’s Swamp People page, farm-raised gators have flooded the buyers’ market. Hence, the show encounters the lowest prices ever seen by the hunters to date.

This is a major threat to their livelihoods so they have to get as many tags as they can before the market closes. Gator season takes place in September. Hunters make the most of this time, as it happens to be the source of their annual income.

Swamp People Season 8 Cast

Fans will notice a number of familiar faces in the Swamp People season 8 trailer. They are part of the initial episode The Hunt Begins; Fresh Blood. It would appear a number of hunters have promoted and recruited their sons to take part in gator season.

King of the Swamp Troy Landry promoted his son Chase as captain of his own boat. Meanwhile, Daniel recruited his son Dwaine to come on board as his deckhand. Each situation presents its own challenges and could possibly affect how fast tags get filled in Swamp People season 8.

Likewise, the Molineres will have two boats to run this season. Jay Paul finally gets his own and has veteran Tommy Chauvin as his deckhand.

Yet Tommy has a reputation for being unreliable. So it would interesting to see how the young Molinere handles him.

Meanwhile, Willie Edwards flies solo without his father Junior. Nonetheless, Willie will do whatever it takes to fill his tags on time.

Bruce Mitchell plans to make the most of the flooding and he will pursue unchartered territories together with Ron Methvin. Apparently, Glenn Guist might do the same. In contrast, Kristi Boussard, former deckhand of Gator Queen Liz Choate wants to get rid of the alligators invading her backyard.

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Image source: Facebook/Swamp People on History

Video source: Twitter/Swamp People

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Swamp People Season 8 Trailer Promises a More Dangerous Adventure

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