Supernatural-Sleepy Hollow Crossover, Here’s What Orlando Jones Thinks

Supernatural-Sleepy Hollow Crossover
Wikimedia Commons/RoniaNash

Orlando Jones can only be back for one thing – a Supernatural-Sleepy Hollow crossover/spin-off. This is what he implied during Television Critics Award winter press tour.

According to TV Guide, Jones stated that there are fewer chances for his return. His departure was announced in May 2015. It has been reported that the reason behind it is “he was actually asked to leave.” This was confirmed in another report of the earlier mentioned outlet in an exclusive interview.

In line with this, Sleepy Hollow creators reportedly reasoned that the series will be taken to another direction. And there is no place for Captain Irving in the series. Of course, this has been a sad circumstance for Jones.

Orlando Jones on Supernatural-Sleepy Hollow Crossover

The 49-year-old actor was present at the TCA event to promote his upcoming miniseries titled Madiba. When asked about his comeback in the FOX series, he said “If you can get Misha Collins from Supernatural to team up and we would be demon exterminators together” maybe, just maybe, his character might come back.

However, in the end, it seems like this pitch is unlikely to happen. Many just hope all the best for Jones as he continue his career with Madiba.

Meanwhile, previous reports revealed that the said miniseries is about the life of a South African Revolutionary named Nelson Mandela. It will be aired on Feb. 1, on BET channel.

The CW President, Supernatural Showrunner on Spinoff

Despite Jones’ impossible condition to have a crossover/spin-off with the series, big bosses are not closing the doors about it. According to Entertainment Weekly previous report, The CW president Mark Pedowitz said:

“If there is something that the creators and the studio want to do in terms of developing a spin-off of Supernatural, we are open to hear it. And we are open to develop it.”

However, showrunner Andrew Dabb explained that a spinoff is not the show’s priority at the moment. For now, it remains behind the ideas. After all, they plan to think things through carefully as no one wants to do something that might weaken the franchise.

Moreover, just like Pedowitz, he is also open whenever something comes up. Therefore, Supernatural-Sleepy Hollow Crossover is not quite a real score for now.

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Image Source: Wikimedia Commons/RoniaNash
Video Source: YouTube/FOX

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Supernatural-Sleepy Hollow Crossover, Here’s What Orlando Jones Thinks

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