Supernatural Season 12 Episode 10 Exposes More of Castiel’s Not-So-Good Past

Supernatural Season 12 Episode 10

Supernatural season 12 episode 10 will feature the other side of Castiel that even the Winchester brothers do not know about. Fans are excited for what the Thursday episode has prepared for them.

Talking about Castiel’s (Misha Collins) angelic image, it seems like viewers are going to see a dark side of him in the upcoming episode. Executive producer Andrew Dabb first expressed on TV Line his insights for the series:

“The angel was part of the battalion that was watching Earth. He was the guy that harrowed Hell to rescue Dean Winchester. We established that, and now we are taking a little twist on it and telling a lost story from his past that involves Alicia Witt.”

Collins also shared his views for episode 10 teasing, “We are seeing the earliest version of Cas to date. We just came from doing a scene in an old church where we are dealing with some of Cas’ old battalion mates from heaven. It is interesting for him to rehash old memories, for sure,” the actor said in November.

What’s to Come for Supernatural Season 13

According to Mary Sue, The CW network announced earlier this month that Supernatural will be renewed for season 13. The Winchester brothers already battled so many villains including demons, giant talking teddy bears, Hitler and vampires and the 13th season will add more to these.

Meanwhile, the franchise has achieved plenty of episodes than other hit series. Nevertheless, avid followers of the series believe that this is not a surprise at all.

Aside from the unique plot lines, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles’ casting also factor on the success of the show. On the other hand, introducing Collins as Castiel gave a more heavenly atmosphere especially to its solid women fan base. From a minimal role, he became a fan favorite who remains in the series until now.

Moreover, Padalecki added that fans will have a glimpse of what a heavenly creature is before being humanized. In addition, there will be a throwback on Alicia Witt’s role as Lily Sunder. It turns out that she has a past with Castiel–unfortunately not a good one.

Furthermore, Lily Sunder has a long planned revenge against angels who killed her family as she draws power from a black magic for over a century. Why would she be against them? Find out when Supernatural season 12 episode 10 airs on February 2.

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Image Source: Facebook/Supernatural

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Supernatural Season 12 Episode 10 Exposes More of Castiel’s Not-So-Good Past

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