Super Bowl Ads 2017: This Year’s Commercials that Sparked Conversation

Super Bowl Ads 2017
Facebook/Kia Motors America

Super Bowl ads 2017 could certainly give audiences a lot to talk about for a long time after. This year, it seems there are more content that will spark conversation.

Controversy is no stranger to the ads annually premiered during Super Bowl Sunday. Yet 2017 could stand out as the year when advertisers walk a tightrope, NBC News remarks.

Indeed, the current political situation in the country in light of the Donald Trump era seems to have everyone on edge. Thus, agitating the wrong segment could lead to unwanted publicity for any advertiser.

Super Bowl Ads 2017 Teasers

Teasers for what fans can expect from the Super Bowl ads 2017 suggest the typical mix. Hence, the usual humor and celebrity sketches. noted the commercial starring comedian Jon Lovitz. He attempts to hypnotize audiences to get a taste of Avocados from Mexico.

Mercedes spared no expense and recruited the services of Ethan and Joel Coen for their Super Bowl ad featuring Peter Fonda. Wonder Woman Gal Gadot and The Transporter‘s Jason Statham went into full action mode in the commercial.

This bunch seems to offer interesting and entertaining concepts. However, other Super Bowl ads 2017 went for a more serious tone.

Super Bowl Ads 2017 to Watch Out For

It would appear a number of Super Bowl ads 2017 broke the mold and went for a more solemn tone. Indeed, this year’s Budweiser, Audi, and 84 Lumber ads will likely spark conversations left and right owing to their underlying messages.

Budweiser’s Born the Hard Way is technically about the life of the beer company’s co-founder Adolphus Busch. The German immigrant faced hard times early on from Americans who did not welcome his arrival to the United States.

Interestingly, the ad comes at a time when President Donald Trump issued his travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries. Hence, a number of netizens are already curious as to how the president will respond to the ad.

Audi’s Daughter is another of the Super Bowl Ads 2017 likely to stir intrigue. The commercial touches upon the highly debated topic of equal pay.

Nonetheless, the company does not seem worried by whatever feedback their commercial receives. Instead, they hope many will pick up the positive message delivered by the ad that is drive progress. Meanwhile, 84 Lumber intends to air their ad The Journey Begins despite early feedback on its controversial theme.

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Audi’s Daughter

84 Lumber’s The Journey Begins

Image source: Facebook/Kia Motors America

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Super Bowl Ads 2017: This Year’s Commercials that Sparked Conversation

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