Suits Season 6 Finale Saw Return of Jessica Pearson, Gina Torres Signs Suits Spinoff Deal

Suits Spinoff
Gina Torres

The Suits season 6 finale dropped a major surprise appearance from its fan-favorite character. Jessica Pearson appeared following the confirmation of a Suits spinoff.

Jessica (Gina Torres) saved the day for Mike (Patrick J. Adams) so he can finally become a lawyer. The new lawyer passed the character and fitness grilling of the New York Bar amidst Anita Gibbs’ (Leslie Hope) attempts to block it.

Gibbs interrogated Mike in hopes to get him to take a guilty plea on fraud charges. Rachel (Meghan Markle) then offered herself up as a character witness. Mike also asked Julius (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) to testify. However, their testimonies did not help much.

When Harvey (Gabriel Macht) thought they are out of options, he approached Gibbs directly. He again offered the information on the Liberty Rail case from the previous season.

However, Gibbs had another deal in mind. If Mike admits that Harvey knew he was a fraud for the last five years, Gibbs will let Mike into the Bar.

At the hearing, Jessica arrived. She admitted before the panel that she knew Mike was a fraud. She stressed what Mike can do if he will be given a chance.

Suits executive producer Aaron Korsh talked about the details on how they came up with the idea of bringing back Jessica in the finale. He admitted to Entertainment Weekly that the first person they thought to bring back was Julius because it was a good payoff to Mike’s prison time.

Then Jessica’s appearance was brought up and they all agreed to the idea. Korsh said:

“I just loved it. Then, there was some discussion: Should it be a surprise? Should Mike go to talk to Jessica? I loved this surprise of Jessica showing up out of nowhere to save the day. She’s been our hero for so long. They’ve all had different moments of saving the day, but Mike helped save the day with her, to some degree …”

When asked if Jessica would appear again in Suits season 7, Korsh did not discount the possibility. He told Deadline, “I would never count her out is what I would say. We don’t have specific plans but she’s obviously always a near and dear character of the show and if opportunities arise, we would of course love to bring her back.”

But not everything ended well for the characters of the USA Network legal drama. Tara (Carly Pope) left Louis (Rick Hoffman) devastated when she left him towards the end of the episode. According to Korsh, Louis will deal with the breakup until next season.

Suits Spinoff Confirmed

It’s final. Torres has signed the deal with Universal Cable Prods. to headline and produce a Suits spinoff series that will be focused on the lawyer. In a statement with Deadline, the actress expressed her gratitude to the UCP bosses.

Torres left the series during the Suits season 6 midseason finale in September 2016. The original plan was to kill off Jessica to give the character a powerful ending.

However, the show changed the storyline after USA Network objected to the idea. Instead, Jessica decided to go to Chicago to be with her love, Jeff (D.B. Woodside).

No release date has been announced for the Suits spinoff. Meanwhile, Suits season 7 is expected to return in summer 2017.

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Image Source: Facebook/Suits on USA

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Suits Season 6 Finale Saw Return of Jessica Pearson, Gina Torres Signs Suits Spinoff Deal

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