Stranger Things Team Offers Another SciFi Project Called Inconstant Moon

Stranger Things
Eye of the Night by Alexey Kljatov

The team behind Stranger Things is not slowing down. Producer Shawn Levy and his company 21 Laps have set their sights on another sci-fi project.

According to a report from Variety, Levy and his company–along with Fox 2000–will adapt Larry Niven’s short science-fiction story titled Inconstant Moon. Per the source, the story first appeared in All the Myriad Ways, a short story collection released in 1971.

The Inconstant Moon author is quite accomplished himself. He was most recently recognized by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America as its 2015 Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award recipient. His more recognized work, Ringworld, earned him Hugo and Nebula awards, among many others.

Meanwhile, the production team has its own share of accomplishments as well. Levy served as director for episodes of the Netflix hit Stranger Things. His name also gained buzz in the gaming world after confirmation that he will direct the Uncharted movie.

21 Laps Entertainment also boasts of a few titles under their belt. Included in the list of their productions are The Spectacular Now, Date Night and the Night at the Museum franchise.

Plot of Inconstant Moon

From its report, Variety offers the following description of the book’s plot. The story “…begins with the moon glowing much brighter than ever before, leading the narrator to presume that the sun has gone nova and that this is the last night of his life. He spends the night with his girlfriend but then discovers that the reality is that the Earth has been hit by massive solar flare that kills most the inhabitants of the Eastern Hemisphere.”

It is too early to tell how loyal the adaptation would be to its source material. Nevertheless, Levy and 21 Laps”s previous output could serve as proof in giving the work justice.

Shawn Levy and Stranger Things season 2

Levy returns to directing more episodes for the second season of Stranger Things. He will direct another two episodes for the upcoming season like he did in the first one.

The second installment also runs 1 episode longer than season 1. The return of the series drops later in 2017.

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Image Source: Flickr/Alexey Kljatov via Creative Commons

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Stranger Things Team Offers Another SciFi Project Called Inconstant Moon

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