Stranger Things Cast Transforms Into Young Star Wars Characters

Stranger Things cast
Millie Bobby Brown

Fans who thought Stranger Things‘ references to the Star Wars franchise was good are in for something better. An artist just transformed the Stranger Things cast into the younger version of the saga’s leads.

A report from Gizmodo cites artist Michael Maher Jr.‘s own take on the Stranger Things kids. Front and center in the illustration is Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) as a young Princess Leia.

The rest of the kids are also assigned their respective roles. Will (Noah Schnapp) is Luke Skywalker, Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) is Lando and Mike (Finn Wolfhard) is Han Solo.

The first season of Stranger Things featured a little crush going on between Eleven and Mike. Since Leia and Han Solo ends up together in the franchise, the role assignment seems fitting.

However, even though Eleven as Leia stands prominent in the art, another character steals the show. The artist transforms Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) into a baseball cap-wearing Chewbacca.

Redditors who reacted to the art also seems to agree that Dustin is the best part of the photo. After one Redditor leaves “Dustin 10/10” as a comment, other replied with “Dustbacca” and “Chewdusta.” Majority from the thread noted how good the editing was.

Meanwhile, other Redditors went as far as saying that Dustin would be perfect for a Chewbacca spin-off. According to Redditor supakorean, Chewbacca: A Star Wars Story sounds appropriate.

Additions to the Stranger Things cast

Despite being part of a good ensemble, these kids stood out as the heart of the show for fans. Will there be another member of the gang when Stranger Things season 2 comes around?

Last year, casting news detailed that more new faces will grace the show for the second season. Brett Gelman, Sean Astin, Linnea Berthelsen, Paul Reiser and Dacre Montgomery joins season 2.

However, the most notable name from the new cast is Sadie Sink. The newcomer is close in age to the other Stranger Things kids. Could she be a new part of the gang?

At this point, spoilers and details are scarce about the upcoming season. Nevertheless, fans need not wait long as Stranger Things season 2 drops on Netflix later this year.

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Image Source: Flickr/Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons

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Stranger Things Cast Transforms Into Young Star Wars Characters

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