Steven Universe Season 4 Spoilers Revealed For Each Episode

Steven Universe season 4
Steven Universe

Spoilers for Steven Universe season 4 upcoming episodes are now available. Would it make up for the earlier leak? All the same, it offers avid fans a sneak peek at what is ahead for the animated series.

Originally, a new set of episodes from the Cartoon Network staple would drop on January 30. However, five accidentally leaked weeks ahead of schedule. The leak of Steven Universe season 4 outraged fans.

Yet viewers and even those who are part of the show’s production became angrier when the network said it was not a mistake. Indeed, a representative from Cartoon Network told Polygon it was intentional.

Palanquin in Steven Universe Season 4?

Nevertheless, the Steven Universe season 4 air date will push through as planned. Moreover, fans can look forward to a double feature. In preparation for the red-letter day, Den of Geek cited the Geekiary for sharing descriptions of each episode.

Interestingly, the details included a photo of a Palanquin. The object first came out in the Buddy Book episode, albeit briefly. Hence, its potential reappearance in Steven Universe season 4 could indicate its greater significance to the series as a whole.

Steven Universe Season 4 Spoiler Alerts

The New Crystal Gems is the title of the latest Steven Universe season 4 episode 16. This particular episode finds Steven a bit busy. However, he gets some help from Connie who will look after Beach City for him while he is occupied with other matters.

Before its telecast, Steven Universe season 4 will start with the new episodes starting January 30. Indeed, fans can expect a double feature with Steven’s Dream followed by Adventures in Light Distortion.

Gem Heist on January 31 brings in some action as the Gems attempt to rescue Greg from a space station previously owned by Pink Diamond. However, before they can save him, they need to play the roles they were meant for so as not to call attention to themselves.

On February 1, Steven visits a special zoo in The Zoo. While February 2 will find him and the Gems make a daring escape.

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Image source: Facebook/StevenUniverse

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Steven Universe Season 4 Spoilers Revealed For Each Episode

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