Steven Universe Season 4 Spoilers Tease Rocknaldo Gets Close to Find Cure for Gem Corruption

Steven Universe season 4 spoilers
Steven Universe

Steven Universe season 4 spoilers for its upcoming episode titled Rocknaldo suggest a cure for gem corruption could be close at hand. Learn the details of the episode here.

Steven Universe season 4 episode 17 airs on February 24. This time around, the story centers on Ronaldo and his quest to find rock people living in Beach City. Yet theories about Rocknaldo’s storyline would suggest something else.

Theories Shape Steven Universe Season 4 Spoilers

As expected, fans of Steven Universe are wasting no time in giving their respective theories on the upcoming episode. There are comical ideas on what it could really be about. Then again, there are the serious interpretations to catch the viewers’ attention.

One theory would hint at major Steven Universe season 4 spoilers, should it turn out to be true. In fact, it might even solve one of the greatest mysteries of the show since it began.

According to Mobile & Apps, there is talk Rocknaldo could bring the show closer to finding a cure to Gem corruption. Ronaldo will supposedly stumble upon a solution as he looks for rock people in Beach City.

Then again, the Reddit thread on the topic of Steven Universe particularly for the Rocknaldo episode has other ideas about it. Reddit user AlexB9598W believes the title is another ploy of the series to misdirect audiences. A working example would be the previous episode titled Storm in the Room, which could be characterized as plot-heavy.

So, chances are Rocknaldo might be a lighter story in order to balance the seriousness and fun delivered by the Cartoon Network series. Meanwhile, others also expressed what they hoped the story would be about.

“Ronaldo decides he wants to join the Crystal Gems and Amethyst tells him he must complete a series of dangerous and/or humiliating tasks.

Amethyst: and now for your final test

Ronaldo: I’m ready

Amethyst: take this needle, and travel to this location, there you will meet a blue and a green gem. You must poke the blue one in the butt with the needle,” Reddit user Postman5 wrote.

Steven Universe Season 4 Spoilers Tease Jasper’s Return

Many fans expect Jasper’s return to the CN series soon. Jasper has yet to be seen on the show since they (Lapis Lazuli) came out of their fused version, Malachite.

Hence, some are hopeful his return will happen on the Rocknaldo episode. Interestingly, the latest Facebook post from Steven Universe is suggesting viewers will meet someone soon. Could it be Jasper?

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Image source: Facebook/Steven Universe

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Steven Universe Season 4 Spoilers Tease Rocknaldo Gets Close to Find Cure for Gem Corruption

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