Steven Universe Season 4 News Reveal Leaked Episodes Not a Mistake, Fans Outraged

Steven Universe season 4 news
Steven Universe

Steven Universe season 4 news reveals the leaked episodes online were actually intentional. Hence, it came as a bigger surprise to everyone.

Cartoon Network could face serious repercussions based on the latest Steven Universe season 4 news. Alas, its decision to come clean about the leaked episodes of the cartoon received backlash from fans.

As it turns out, the network meant to release the episodes via its mobile app. Thus, on January 2, five episodes from Steven Universe season 4 became available.

Adverse Reaction to Steven Universe Season 4 News Leak

Apparently, this type of action is something the cable channel has before. A CN representative confirmed this with Polygon.

“This is actually something we’ve been doing for some time with a few of our shows through what we call the ‘See It First’ element of the [Cartoon Network] App,” the rep said.

“It helps us build awareness for upcoming episodes and for new show launches before they go on the linear platform. For example, we did this last September with our new series Mighty Magiswords, and in December, we sneaked Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs and My Knight and Me,” the rep added.

Although the leak happened for a limited time only. It still managed to raise more confusion among fans than excitement. Apparently, not many knew about the Steven Universe season 4 news leak. Moreover, a number of fans pointed out the lack of promotion for it.

Hence, some felt the cable channel is forcing them to watch the episodes via uploads from illegal downloads.

Fans not the only ones bothered by Steven Universe Leak

Fans of the Cartoon Network animated series are not the only ones upset by the leak. Apparently, it also affects those who work within the Steven Universe production.

A composer on the show objected to those who watched the episodes through unofficial means. Downloads from illegal sources do not pay licensing fees. Hence, the protest of Aivi Tran whose work for the Steven Universe season 4 is being enjoyed through unlawful sources.

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Image source: Facebook/Steven Universe

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Steven Universe Season 4 News Reveal Leaked Episodes Not a Mistake, Fans Outraged

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