Steven Universe Season 4 Almost Featured 2NE1, But Their Disbanding Made it Weird

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Steven Universe season 4 almost featured the Korean girl group 2NE1 in episode 11. However, circumstances surrounding the group prevented the show from pursuing the feature.

According to Koreaboo, one of the series’ artists, Jane Bak, uploaded an illustration on her Twitter. It features 2NE1 on Steven Universe which she intentionally made for the season’s Korea episode.

However, Bak felt weird about carrying on due to the recent disbandment of the group. The artist admitted that she was a huge fan of 2NE1. Therefore, she is definitely one of those who did not feel well upon hearing the sad news.

She confirmed on her Twitter account that she was one of the group’ avid followers. The Steven Universe artist also had another post on Twitter linking to the group’s song titled Goodbye. She captioned it with “Cries With You,” in response to followers who reacted to her illustration.

Nevertheless, Bak later on explained that the drawing she created was for promotion only and not part of the series’ canon. It would have been great to see them being included in the storyline.

Steven Universe Season 4: One of the Best Shows on TV

The Verge recently pointed out that Steven Universe is one of the best animated series currently on air. Of course, this is something that fans of the show will agree with. The show has been around for more than three years.

With its current run, it continues to charm its audience. The Verge also added that the Cartoon Network series stands out in three factors–emotional sensitivity, gentleness and visual beauty.

Its stories revolve around embracing differences. Characters who are there for one another no matter what the circumstances are also good factors for the show.

However, The Verge details that Steven Universe‘s best attribute is the timely message it brings–recognizing current events happening in the world. One of the most recent episodes to do this is the show’s Thanksgiving episode aired last November. It mainly delved on the “threat of change”, mirroring events at the time when America  elected a new president.

Consequently, the episodes this week will see Greg being kidnapped and taken to a human zoo. Crystal Gems must rescue him from deep space and most importantly, he must not alert Homeworld Gems which may result to detecting their presence. If they fail, the Earth may face complete destruction.

Watch a new episode of Steven Universe season 4 on February 2. Check back with us as we cover the latest on this animated series.

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Image Source: Facebook/StevenUniverse

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Steven Universe Season 4 Almost Featured 2NE1, But Their Disbanding Made it Weird

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