Photos Suggest Star Trek Discovery Will Have Major Changes for Klingons

Star Trek Discovery
Star Trek Discovery

Production started on Star Trek Discovery as scheduled. However, fans should expect a significant change in the appearance of Klingons in the new CBS original series.

The Star Trek Discovery Klingon cast will reportedly sport a different look this time around. Fans will recall how Michael Dorn appeared when he played the role of Worf in earlier series. Indeed, his character had a full head of hair.

Hence, the photo posted by someone who is possibly part of the Star Trek Discovery all access series comes as a big surprise. Learn about the changes in appearance below.

Star Trek Discovery Changes Klingon Image

A post from a local Toronto actor certainly caught the attention of netizens and fans of the Star Trek franchise. Indeed, it is not every day a photo from the set leaks on the Internet. Moreover, the shot revealed a significant change in how Klingons will look like now.

According to Trek Movie, a certain Andrew Mackay shared the photo via Instagram. Based on the caption, it is likely he is part of the cast–possibly an extra playing the role of a Klingon.

“Hanging out with my new Klingon Crew today on set of the new #startrek.” As expected, the photo is no longer available online. Regardless, many have already seen it. Interestingly, the photo would seem to coincide with the earlier teaser released by Star Trek Discovery on the start of the new chapter.

The teaser offered a sneak peek at what fans can expect from the new series. The new Delta Shield on the Star Trek Discovery logo could have been a clue to changes ahead. As Trek Movie earlier pondered, the shot with the costumes could possibly be an indication of the new Klingons.

However, according to Eric Cheung, they could be the sarcophagus Klingons who are the ancient forebears of the Klingons as fans know them. Then again, they also resemble the Klingons from TMP except the new ones are bald.

What Change in Klingon Look Means to Star Trek Discovery

Screen Rant described the Klingon armor as frightening and the aliens looking deadly in their suits. Hence, could the major change in their appearance indicate a key plot of the upcoming series?

Indeed, the Star Trek Discovery latest news could correspond with speculations about its possible focus on the Klingon-Federation conflict. To date, it remains uncertain if this is part of the storyline for the upcoming series.

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Image source: Facebook/Star Trek

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Photos Suggest Star Trek Discovery Will Have Major Changes for Klingons

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