Someone Made a Game of Thrones Homemade Intro and It’s Epic With Marshmallows

Game of Thrones
screenshot from Game of Thrones homemade intro

Fans show their love for a favorite TV show in different ways. However, some stand out more than others. Such is the case with one YouTube user who re-created the Game of Thrones season 1 intro with creativity and resourcefulness.

Some who would see the video will recognize a familiar tone to it. That is because the creator derived it from another YouTube user who first made their own take of the HBO series’ iconic opening credits scene.

The video in question hails from user Em Pye, Winter is Coming reports. According to the source, Em Pye created the homemade intro as a Christmas present to her boyfriend. The user derived much of her concept from Funny or Die, who first did an improvised Game of Thrones opening sequence.

Die-hard fans of the show would agree that one can’t simply skip the intro of the series. The same goes for Em Pye’s video, who laced her mini production with wit and sometimes hilarious materials.

A standout from the video is the music itself, which attributes to the user and her friend singing acapella. If viewers also look closely enough, one would make out the tissue cartons rising as one of Winterfell’s iconic trees. However, the biggest scene-stealer of the video is The Wall, which boasts of all white fluffy marshmallows.

Catch the video at the end of this article. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in a Game of Thrones intro with a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. twist, you can check out the rest of Winter is Coming’s feature here.

Maisie Williams talks Game of Thrones ending

While most Game of Thrones stars have been mum about details of of the upcoming season, Maisie Williams has been a bit open in talking about the show’s future. Time relayed the young actress’ thoughts in a recent TV appearance.

Williams appeared in This Morning with Phillip and Holly to talk about her upcoming film, iBoy. Along the way, the hosts inquired about her involvement with GoT.

Given that she can’t divulge much about details of the season, she instead shared how she feels about the show almost ending. On one hand, the actress feels excited for what she can do once the series is over. On the other hand, she’s also scared what lies ahead because she always considered being in the show her “safety blanket.”

The actress already expressed before that rough times await in season 7. Just how rough, fans will find out when Game of Thrones returns in June.

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Image and Video Source: YouTube/Em Pye

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Someone Made a Game of Thrones Homemade Intro and It’s Epic With Marshmallows

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