SNL Promo Shows Felicity Jones Annoy Stormtroopers With ‘Cheesy’ Joke

SNL promo
Flickr/Heather McCall via Creative Commons

Following her most recent success starring in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, another gig awaits Felicity Jones. However, it seems she won’t be able to ditch her Star Wars connection so easily as shown in an SNL promo.

In the latest SNL promo, the actress can be seen rehearsing for the show. She offers the following monologue, “Hi I’m Felicity Jones and it is great to be here hosting Saturday Night Live“.

After delivering her line, the video reveals a bunch of Stormtroopers as her audience. She then asks them how she did and inquires if she’s ready. The stormtroopers reply with a shrug.

Following their agreement, Jones says “Thanks guys, you’re a real bunch of troopers”. The Stormtroopers, however, are not amused by the reference. In turn, the actress receives groans and facepalms, as well as accusations of being “cheesy”.

Submitting to the reaction, Jones notes “maybe we should lose that one”. The latest Saturday Night Live episode featuring Felicity Jones airs January 14. Meanwhile, the SNL promo also reveals Sturgill Simpson’s attendance on the episode.

The SNL promo connection

For the unfamiliar, or those who have been living under a rock, the SNL promo shows Jones’ connection to the Star Wars franchise. She played as Jyn Erso in the latest Star Wars flick.

Launched barely a month ago, the film already grossed over $918 million worldwide. Despite its December premiere, the film still went on to place fifth in the highest grossing films of 2016. Rogue One continues to screen in some theaters worldwide.

Despite its connection to the main Star Wars saga, Rogue One serves as a standalone story from the rest of the franchise. Reports detailed that the events in Rogue One happens before A New Hope.

Consequently, before the film’s premiere, rumors surfaced pointing a connection between Jones’ character Jyn and Rey (Daisy Ridley) from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Some fans noted a semblance between the two and speculated Jyn and Rey are mother and daughter.

However, that rumor eventually evaporated given how Rogue One ended. Nonetheless, Rey’s parentage still persists as a favorite topic among fans. Star Wars Episode VIII premieres December 2017.

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Image Source: Flickr/Heather McCall via Creative Commons

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SNL Promo Shows Felicity Jones Annoy Stormtroopers With ‘Cheesy’ Joke

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