The Simpsons Couch Gag Shows Homer Go Violent on South Park and California Raisins

The Simpsons couch gag
The Simpsons

There is a new The Simpsons couch gag featuring Homer and his family back in 2D. However, this recent clip takes a more violent side.

The barely two-minute video opens with the Simpsons on a couch watching TV. Homer notices later on that the sailboat painting in their living room is no longer there.

When Bart suggests that another animated show probably stole the painting, Homer launches into a mission to retrieve it. The Simpson boy offers another alternative where he says he could have sold it to Craigslist. However, Homer is already out there moving on to the next studio.

The family patriarch then throws shade at the series when he arrives on set. Homer quips:

“Is this a TV show or a third-grade shoebox diorama?”

Homer asks the South Park characters whether they stole his painting. However, the boys just yell obscenities at him–judging by the number of beeps to censor what they are saying.

When Homer moves on to another set, he encounters the California Raisins singing. Homer exclaims ‘Boo!’ which angers the band. The raisins attack him one by one but Homer successfully defends himself.

Finally, Homer moves on to discover that the sail boat painting is in the possession of Robot Chicken‘s nerd stereotype (Seth Green). Mr. Simpson successfully recovers the painting, only to discover that his family replaced the sailboat’s spot with another portrait.

The Simpsons Couch Gag Featuring Robot Chicken’s First Appearance

Screen Rant notes that this is the second time The Simpsons featured Robot Chicken, with the first one going back through season 24’s The Fabulous Faker Boy.

In that earlier entry, Homer and the rest of the characters from his world take on the form of action figures. Homer initially dislikes being that form since he hates action figures. However, he appreciates it later on when he realizes he can turn his hands into a weapon and transform himself.

After firing a blast that decapitates his neighbor, Homer transforms into a giant donut. He crushes other residents on the way as he rolls down the street.

After an extreme road trip with his family, the gag ends with the Simpsons at home. This is where Robot Chicken makes an appearance. He changes the channel which shows The Simpsons’ opening credits.

Fans curious about the upcoming episode won’t have to wait long. The Simpsons couch gag season 28 episode 15 airs on February 19 in FOX.

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Image Source: Flickr/Cindy Funk via Creative Commons

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The Simpsons Couch Gag Shows Homer Go Violent on South Park and California Raisins

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