Showrunner Hinted to ‘Have Faith’ on Major Characters’ Future Ahead of Bones Series Finale

Bones series finale
Bones series finale

It will be a bittersweet goodbye for the cast but one of the show’s bosses assured viewers of a big ending as Bones series finale draws near.

Co-executive producer Michael Peterson said viewers just need to “have faith” on major characters of the show as the future of each of them will be revealed soon.

In the recent episode, a huge explosion rocked the Jeffersonian Institution while Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) are still inside. A teaser for the upcoming series finale shows Booth looking for Brennan in the rubble. He finds the world-renowned anthropologist lying in the flood, bloody and unconscious.

Angela (Michaela Conlin) and Hodgins’ (TJ Thyne) future is still unclear too since they are also inside the lab when the bomb exploded. Angela also revealed in the recent episode that she is pregnant.

Peterson remained tight-lipped on whether there will be a casualty in the explosion. He said the finale will focus on family and how far the characters will sacrifice for their family. When asked what fans should expect in Bones series finale especially now that four of the show’s main character are in danger, Peterson told TVLine:

“I [understand] if people are worried. But this is Bones. Have faith.”

Peterson also revealed that he regrets not giving more screen time to Booth’s son, Parker, as well as Brennan’s brother, Russ. He said since the twelfth season only has 12 episodes, they did everything they could for the series finale. The EP hoped that viewers will embrace who did come back rather than pay attention to those who did not.

David Boreanaz’s Thoughts About Bones Series Finale

Boreanaz revealed that he wish the show had gone more in-depth on some of the details that went into his props in portraying the FBI character. The actor told Entertainment Weekly:

“When I started the show, I was so in tune with specific props for him—pens, belt buckles, socks. I would do interrogation scenes with my shoes off and the striped socks… so I made it part of the character. He carried a zippo in his pocket because of what it meant, and there’s the watch we never even got into, what was inscribed in the watch. There’s so many detail-oriented things that I wish we could have tapped into. We did somewhat, but yes, it was difficult saying goodbye. At the same time, it was very refreshing.”

FBI special agent Seeley Booth has been known for his investigation and sniper skills. But his colorful socks and “cocky” belt buckle also brought fun conversations into the show.

Boreanaz directed the last episode of the Fox hit procedural series.

Don’t miss Bones series finale, titled The Final Chapter: The End in the End, will air on Tuesday (March 28) at 9 p.m. E.T. in Fox.

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Showrunner Hinted to ‘Have Faith’ on Major Characters’ Future Ahead of Bones Series Finale

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