Short Family Gathers For Feast In Life In Pieces Episode 10

Life in Pieces
Life in Pieces

The latest episode of Life in Pieces will showcase another Short family gathering. Jen (Zoe Lister-Jones) will realize that she found a partner in making a good laugh out of her in-laws’ ways.

Life in Pieces Episode 10 Preview

In the teaser clip for the comedy show of CBS, the Short family is having yet another brunch. Joan (Diane Wiest) pulled a prank on Greg (Colin Hanks) using a rooster plate. The Short family burst into laughter as they remembered a funny back story about the dish. Meanwhile, Jen and Colleen (Angelique Cabral) did not laugh as they do not understand the humor behind it.

Colleen then asked Jen about the back story and let her realize that it is not easy to understand the Short family’s humor. “This is just one of many, many instances to come where anyone missing Short DNA will simply not get the fam’s sense of humor,” a Yahoo report noted.

Moreover, Jen said, “There seems to be something in their genetic makeup that makes them think that story is frickin’ hilarious.”  She even noted that on a sad note that she know what the rest of the family will do for the next two hours of their feast.

She said, “Sadly, I know everything that these people will say and do for the next two hours.”

Jen and Colleen Plays Short Bingo

To not let boredom strike them, Jen and Colleen decided to play the Short Family Bingo. The winner will be the player who can predict one’s repetitive ways.

They took John’s (James Brolin) habit of making inappropriate comments as an example. The synopsis says John is used to commenting in front of his grandchildren and making creepy things with his DIY puppet Cheeto.

Further in the episode, Tyler (Niall Cunningham) and Clementine (Hunter King) moves out of the house of Tim (Dan Bakkedhal) and Heather (Betsy Brandt). Heather, Greg, and Matt meanwhile think their mother is having an affair with another man.

On the other hand, in the latest Life in Pieces episode entitled Musical Motel Property Bingo, fans will get to see Andy Richter as a guest star.

The CBS comedy show follows the story of the Short family, a big clan which shows awkward yet hilarious moments as told by each member of the family, Broadway World said.

Catch Life in Pieces on CBS at 9:30 pm every Thursdays.

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Image Source: Facebook/ Life in Pieces

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Short Family Gathers For Feast In Life In Pieces Episode 10

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