Shooting Finally Starts This March for Marvel’s Inhumans

Marvel's Inhumans
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News of Marvel’s Inhumans coming to the small screens came out before the end of 2016. Barely two weeks into 2017, and updates reveal production for the new superhero TV show begins in March.

Earlier plans for Marvel’s Inhumans intended it for the big screen. However, the expansion of MCU saw it shift in form into a TV series. Nonetheless, it promises to be big as the premiere episode debuts in IMAX theaters worldwide.

To date, Marvel has gained success with its other superheroes on TV. These include Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage in Netflix. In addition to Inhumans, comic book fans can also look forward to Iron Fist. Indeed, 2017 is shaping up as a year for TV superheroes.

Marvel’s Inhumans Start Filming in March

Screen Rant cited a tweet from SeasonZeroCom about the production schedule for Marvel’s Inhumans. As mentioned in the post, shooting starts in March. Moreover, it takes place between Chicago and Los Angeles.

The showrunner for the Marvel’s Inhumans TV show is Scott Buck. Incidentally, he is also in charge of Iron Fist. The intended premiere date for the first episode is on September 26, 2017. Thus, casting would likely take place with the next two months.

This is no small feat given the lineup of Marvel’s Inhumans characters. Indeed, the list include Black Bolt, Medusa, Karnak, Triton, Maximus the Mad, to name a few.

Marvel has yet to make an official announcement as to who are the actors cast in the roles. However, rumor has it the eight episode series would focus on the Royal Family for its first season.

Marvel’s Inhumans a Threat to SHIELD?

SHIELD is the first Marvel drama on ABC according to The Hollywood Reporter. It is currently on its fourth season.

Yet, could Marvel’s Inhumans overshadow SHIELD with its arrival to the network? ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey is hopeful both superhero TV shows coexist harmoniously.

“It [SHIELD] was the first out of the gate for us and with Marvel, and we all have been learning a lot over the four years of that show. What we’re doing with Imax is very different, and I think it’s going to feel and look very different from what they’re doing on Netflix. Hopefully there’s a world for me where those shows exist side-by-side on our air and are two different pieces of music that exist together in the same landscape,” Dungey said at the TCA’s winter press tour.

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Image source: Facebook/Marvel Philippines

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Shooting Finally Starts This March for Marvel’s Inhumans

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