Sherlock Season 5 Renewal Remains a Possibility

Sherlock Season 5 Renewal

A Sherlock season 5 renewal is one of the things fans are looking forward to, despite the fact that season 4 appeared to be the show’s end. In a way, the fourth season finale episode titled The Final Problem had a happy ending.

According to Carter Matt, the only way to keep the series alive is to bring back Dr. Watson’s (Martin Freeman) wife, Mary (Amanda Abbington). The sad thing is, they killed her off and it will be hard to find ways for her return.

There is always the option to follow what they did with Moriarty (Andrew Scott) who pops up from time to time despite the fact that he is already dead. In a radio interview, Abbington shared her thoughts and conversation with Scott.

“He said to me, you never leave … You never really leave Sherlock. And it is true, because they always do flashbacks and stuff like that. So I am hoping that at some point Mary will come back and do something else.”

Meanwhile, there are no solid details about the next episode for Sherlock. Avid followers of the show might have to wait a long time for a possible Christmas special or some other standalone episode.

Why Fans Need a Sherlock Season 5 Renewal

Sherlock Holmes’ (Benedict Cumberbatch) first encounter with Eurus (Sian Brooke) was not pleasant but their reunion ended well. Following the encounter, feedback from viewers reveal that they want more. One reason cited points out that fans waited for two years since season 3 bid goodbye in January 2014.

There are still lots of possible things to tackle in season 5. Unfortunately, it is not up to the Sherlock team now because their lead stars will be having a tough schedule ahead. Cumberbatch and Freeman will star in major films.

Sherlock Stars’ New Projects

Cumberbatch is currently working on his new movie titled The Current War, Entertainment Weekly reported. Co-chairman of the Weinstein Company, Harvey Weinstein, shared his thoughts about the film last year.

“Theirs was a battle of intellect, a race of creativity and technological innovation that we see echoed in the self-made inventors dominating spaces like Silicon Valley. We are thrilled to start filming and to share this historical rivalry with audiences everywhere.”

On the other hand, Freeman was seen at the set of Black Panther. It has been confirmed that he will reprise the role of Everett Ross from Captain America: Civil War. For now, only time will tell whether a Sherlock season 5 renewal happens.

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Image Source: Facebook/Sherlock.BBCW

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Sherlock Season 5 Renewal Remains a Possibility

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