Sherlock Season 4 Spoilers: Mark Gatiss Spills New Details; ‘We Think It’s Very Good’

Sherlock Season 4
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There is so much to look forward to about the release of Sherlock season 4, as per the latest spoilers.

What could be the exciting details that one of its creators, Mark Gatiss, has revealed? Would it be a better run compared to its previous seasons?

With the show ending its third season in 2014 with three mini-features – The Fall, Fans, Villains, and Speculation: The Legacy of Sherlock Holmes, and Shooting Sherlock – its followers must have been excited to piece several clues together once more.

The wait is going to end soon. By Jan. 1, Sherlock season 4 will already start airing. And Gatiss has teased about what to expect from the upcoming episodes.

New Season to Pick-Up From its Special Run

In an interview with Yahoo! TV, Gatiss dished that Sherlock Homes’ story in the fourth season will commence from where the special season ended.

“It’s traditional for us to have to pick up in excruciating detail from something we shot 12 months or two years before!” said the 50-year-old executive producer, who created the show with Steven Moffat. He also pointed out that with show finally returning, he thinks that it is “very good.”

Is Moriarty Dead?

With the detective drama’s followers speculating that Moriarty is already gone for good, would this be confirmed in Sherlock season 4?

“People just assume that we’re fibbing every time we say he’s definitely dead,” he said, adding that “This year, it’s all about shadows from the past coming back to haunt them, and the consequences of their actions.”

While talking to Vanity Fair, Gatiss disclosed that Sherlock is yet to face his life’s greatest challenge in Sherlock season 4. Having a baby around is said to be an extra challenge scenario for him.

However, it was noted that despite this new plot, it does not mean that the series will suddenly shift to the romantic-comedy mood. Meanwhile, the showrunner quipped that the arrival of a baby will surely make the entire story more funny and intriguing.

Keep posted for more Sherlock season 4 spoilers.

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Sherlock Season 4 Spoilers: Mark Gatiss Spills New Details; ‘We Think It’s Very Good’

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