Sherlock Season 4: EP Confirms This Character Will Never Comeback

Sherlock Season 4

Sherlock Season 4 Episode 1 is undeniably too hard to get over with easily. It is a great delight that someone like Steven Moffat is there to explain Mary’s death. This is along with what is going to happen about Sherlock Holmes and John Watson’s friendship.

According to TV Line, it has been confirmed that Mary is indeed gone. Moffat revealed this news through and interview. “Yes, we’re not playing games. She’s dead,” says the 55-year-old TV writer on Entertainment Weekly.

Sherlock Season 4: Mary is Dead

In addition, her return is reportedly in order to get the story back on track– focus on Sherlock and John as a duo. After all, Moffat believes that the story has always been about the two and they will always come back to that. “They had fun making it a trio, but it doesn’t work long-term. Mary was always going to go, and we were always going to get back to the two blokes,” Moffat adds.

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Meanwhile, at the very moment of Mary’s death, John has put all the blame on the detective. He screamed how he made a vow protecting their family, including their newborn baby, Rosamund Mary. Moffat explained that they will be having a kind of issue that is not going to heal easily.

Moreover, Moffat adds that they are taking the rift seriously as who knows whatnot; it might get worse in the future! It has been a sensitive matter to them deciding that Mary’s death should be in the premiere and not the finale.

In line with this, people behind the show do not plan to have an easily forgotten broken friendship between Sherlock and John after two years of waiting Season 4. Therefore, they must find out how everything is going to be fixed.

In the end, one must not expect lighter events in the upcoming episodes of Sherlock Season 4. As per Moffat’s perspective, the second episode entitled The Lying Detective might be their darkest episode so far. It will be aired on Jan. 8, 2017.

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Sherlock Season 4: EP Confirms This Character Will Never Comeback

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