Shades of Blue Season 2 Promo Finally Released Photos, Harlee & Matt’s Relationship Gets Rocky Following Her Betrayal

Shades of Blue Season 2 Promo

The Shades of Blue season 2 promo recently revealed some exclusive images of the series. As expected, things are looking good for Jennifer Lopez and the whole cast.

According to E! Online, the first season ended with some unlikable circumstances, inevitably. Harlee Santos (JLo), who is a resourceful single mother is currently experiencing a rift with her mentor and boss, Matt Wozniak (Ray Liotta).

This was after Wozniak found out that Detective Santos has been working with the FBI to uncover corruptions within his team. Due to that, the squad has been under the investigation of Internal Affairs and FBI.

In addition, Santos is also dealing with another disaster she did by the end of season 1. She reportedly killed the father of her daughter.

Shades of Blue Season 2 Promo: Guest Stars Revealed

The source further reported that NBC series’ season 2 will introduce two new guest characters. IAB agent (Dov David) and Julia Ayres (Anna Gunn) joins the show. Gunn’s character is a former squad member but apparently, she will be running now as mayor.

Ayres, portrayed by the Breaking Bad actress was described as someone who has tough connections to everyone. With this, her complex relationships might just lead into a dangerous war against the Mafia in the upcoming season.

Back to Santos’ betrayal, Tech Plz reported that Matt Wozniak might just be holding a grudge against Harlee. However, though Wozniak is no doubt disappointed in her, it is still  a mystery how both of them will deal with the situation.

In a teaser revealed last week, two significant lines were mentioned by Wozniak. First, “I only asked one thing from my unit – loyalty… and all I received is betrayal.” Second is when he said, “I can forgive her but I never forget.”

Furthermore, Shades of Blue also features Warren Kole from The Following and Drea de Matteo from The Sopranos. Other characters include Dayo Okeniyi, Gino Anthony Pesi, Hampton Fluker, Vincent Laresca and Sarah Jeffery.

Season 1 has earned 2.3 ratings from over 9.9 million viewers. Shades of Blue season 2 promo showcased the rift between Matt and Harlee, so viewers will soon find out how it goes when the series returns on March 5.

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Image Source: Facebook/NBCShadesofBlue

Video Source: YouTube/Shades of Blue

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Shades of Blue Season 2 Promo Finally Released Photos, Harlee & Matt’s Relationship Gets Rocky Following Her Betrayal

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