Selina Meyer Seeks Revenge on Jonah in New HBO Veep Season 6 Trailer

Veep season 6

Selina Meyer will not take the sideline. Instead, she will keep herself relevant as seen in the new Veep season 6 trailer.

Selina (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) will be busy attempting to stay in the spotlight. She will also seek revenge on the man who cost her the White House.

HBO released a new promo teaser for the upcoming season of Veep. It shows Selena threatening now-Congressman Jonah Ryan (Timothy Simons). Meyer is seen telling the former White House aide:

“I will destroy you in ways that are so creative, they will honor me for it at the Kennedy Center.”

In the previous season, Selina goes up against the charming senator Tom James (Hugh Laurie). Unfortunately, the Electoral College votes resulted in a tie. This forced the Congress to act on it. At the end, Senator Laura Montez (Andrea Savage) was declared as the new President of the United States.

The new Veep season 6 trailer opens with the former POTUS on a morning show, sharing some information on what her life is now after losing the elections. While she said in the show that it has been a fun year for her, it seems like Selina is not enjoying the civilian life at all.

The Veep season 6 teaser also shows the former VP doing some humanitarian work. In one of those, she visits a refugee camp that has land mines. Selina was taken aback after her loyal personal aide, Gary Walsh (Tony Hale), informed her that the camp is surrounded by landmines. He also compared her to Princess Diana.

Selena is also seen slamming her former Communications Director Mike McClintock’s (Matt Walsh) because of his choice of sunscreen. Elsewhere, Amy Brookheimer (Anna Chlumsky) is running a new gubernatorial campaign.

Donald Trump’s Effect on Veep Season 6

The cast and crew of the comedy series have stressed that they will not be intimated by the current administration. However, showrunner David Mandel admitted that Trump’s victory somehow has an impact on the show.

Vanity Fair quoted him saying during the SXSW film festival in Austin:

“In some ways, for the last five years, I think the most Trump-like character on the show [has been] Selina—the ego, the narcissism and sometimes, the stupidity. In moving on to this next phase of her career in this post-presidency and her insane quest for relevancy . . . we get a very different attack on power and what it means to want power, which is very much Trump—but in our own way.”

Simons admitted that he never expected Trump to take the Oval Office, much as he would affect the show. But now, Simons said the Veep characters have someone to look competent against.

Veep season 6 returns on April 16 in HBO.

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Image Source: Facebook/Veep

Video Source: YouTube/HBO

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Selina Meyer Seeks Revenge on Jonah in New HBO Veep Season 6 Trailer

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