Selena Gomez TV Series 13 Reasons Why Reveals Photos, Singer Shares Secrets

Selena Gomez TV series
Selena Gomez

New photos have been released for the Selena Gomez TV series, 13 Reasons Why. The young singer serves as executive producer for this Netflix project.

The show releases in the streaming service on March 31. However, ahead of its release date, teaser images give viewers a glimpse of what’s ahead for the series.

A report from TV Line shares a gallery of the five photos that Netflix released for 13 Reasons Why. Three of the photos feature series lead Katherine Langford, while two of them show Dylan Minnette. Finally, another photo shows a bunch of guys in a school hallway laughing about something they see in a cellphone.

A standout among the gallery is the ominous one featuring Langford. The actress plays the role of Hannah Baker, a high school student who commits suicide. In the solo image, the actress is illuminated by a bright light while she stands in a hallway.

Since the story revolves around the aftermath of Hannah’s death and the slow revelation of how her classmates had some role to play in her suicide, the photo seems fitting. It gives the same theme as its source material. Even though Hannah is gone, her memory continues to haunt the school and its people.

The Selena Gomez TV series takes inspiration from Jay Asher’s 2007 novel, Th1rteen R3asons Why. It tells the story of Hannah, who after passing away, leaves cassette tapes for 13 people who she claims caused her depression. Each recording details how the person is in some way responsible for her suicide.

Selena Gomez TV series and the actress’ revelations about her own issues

Meanwhile, Selena Gomez spoke up about her own issues in a recent Netflix press event. The singer/actress detailed the stuff she was going through while the show was going through its initial stages.

The Hollywood Reporter quotes Gomez as saying, “I was actually going through a really difficult time when they started production. I went away for 90 days and I actually met tons of kids in this place that we’re talking about [with] a lot of the issues that these characters are experiencing.”

Last year, the pop star became the subject of rumors and speculation after her announcement in taking a break from work. In sync with her time off from a busy schedule, Gomez also maintained little activity on social media.

Nevertheless, with the series nearing its premiere, Gomez has slowly been taking more time in the spotlight. She even calls 13 Reasons Why a passion project.

In the Netflix press event, she stressed why there’s an importance for media content like what her upcoming series will tackle. Gomez details that while she understands what’s going on with the generation right now, she also wants to bring a good influence to the table.

Check out THR’s coverage on Gomez’s thoughts here. Meanwhile, you can view the latest photos from the series through TV Line’s gallery here.

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Image Source: Flickr/AleeDear via Creative Commons

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Selena Gomez TV Series 13 Reasons Why Reveals Photos, Singer Shares Secrets

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