Scream Queens Franchise Can Still Be Saved; Here’s How

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Scream Queens Season 2 ended with Nurse Hoffel falling victim to her own creation. In line with this is Hester escaping to a sunny island with Dr. Holt. The show’s Season 2 might not have been as fun as the first, but fans adore Hester’s unabashed insanity. Will viewers see more of Lea Michele’s character?

Ryan Murphy did his best to recreate Scream Queens’ campy success in Season 2. However, the series seemed to lose its way in the utter ridiculousness of the season’s premise. Luckily, Lea Michele was there to help make the show bearable.

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As Screener TV succinctly pointed out, Hester channeling Hannibal Lecter was the bright spot of the season. While the character was also the killer in Season 1, she was still operating within certain boundaries. It was only towards the end that fans saw a glimpse of just how crazy she was.

Hester Wins Scream Queens Season 2

That was not the case in Season 2, which saw the Chanels working for Dr. Munsch. Hester, on the other hand, was incarcerated in the psych ward. A killer known as the Green Meanie might have been the one terrorizing the Chanels. Along with it is the hospital’s sundry patients, but it was Hester who orchestrated it. And like any good villain, she was able to escape unscathed and ready to wreak havoc somewhere new.

Sadly, Scream Queens’ sophomore outing did not engender the same ratings as its predecessor did. This has caused fans to believe that Season 3 might be out of the question. But if Murphy can come up with a Hester-centric plotline, then the show might just bounce back to its former glory.

There have been suggestions that Season 3 could focus on Hester and Holt enjoying the delights that Blood Island offers. The idea of the two serial killers hunting for victims on the island using Munsch’s resources is certainly appealing to some. Who knows, it might even come to fruition if ever a Scream Queens Season 3 is ordered.

Scream Queens Season 2 last aired on Dec. 20, 2016, Sunday, on Fox. Stay tuned on here for updates on Scream Queens Season 3.

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Scream Queens Franchise Can Still Be Saved; Here’s How

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