Scream Queens Season 3 Renewal: Let’s See What the Ratings Say

Scream Queens
Scream Queens

Scream Queens opened with a bang, but Scream Queens Season 2 closed in barely a squeak. The show seems to have forgotten what made it such a joy in the first place. With the Chanels apparently wearing out their welcome, is it time for them to retire for good? Should there be a Scream Queens Season 3?

The Scream Queens Season 2 finale tied up a lot of loose ends. Hester and Dr. Holt were revealed living happily in their very own Murder Island. Meanwhile, Dean Munsch found her calling as a sex therapist for women over 50. On the other hand, Zayday and Chanel #5 have become esteemed doctors, while Chanel #3 ended up producing Chanel’s talk show.

As for the Queen Bee herself, she found success as a TV doctor. Everything seemed peachy keen until the Red Devil appeared in the back of Chanel’s fancy car in the finale’s last few seconds. The scene was reminiscent of how Scream Queens Season 1 ended. Also, this could be Ryan Murphy’s way of setting up Season 3.

Scream Queens Season 2 Ratings

But is it still possible for Scream Queens to have a third season? TV Series Finale has kept track of the show’s ratings, and it honestly does not look good. According to the site, the show’s entire audience came in at just 1.4 million, a far cry from Season 1’s 2.79 million.

Season 1 ratings have an average of 1.09, while Season 2 achieved 0.60 average as per report. Both seasons have appealed to 18-49-year-old demographic.

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Everything Wrong in Scream Queens Season 2

There is no question that the show’s Season 2 numbers were disappointing. The reviews were also nothing to crow about as fans appear to have lost interest in the Chanels’ shenanigans. Some even pointed out that their novelty has already waned, leaving behind characters that are just vapid and mean.

The story arc was another thing that worked against the show. Aside from the Green Meanie bearing striking similarities to the Red Devil, viewers quickly deduced who the killers were. There was also the fact that for a horror-comedy there was very little horror shown.

The one bright spot of the series was Hester. Lea Michele’s portrayal of the show’s resident psychopath was both chilling and amusing. Unfortunately, she might not be enough to convince Fox to pick up Scream Queens Season 3.

Scream Queens Season 2 last aired on Dec. 20, 2016. Stay tuned for more renewal or cancelation updates on Scream Queens Season 3.

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Scream Queens Season 3 Renewal: Let’s See What the Ratings Say

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