Scorpion Season 3 Episode 12 Delayed for December, Gets New Air Date in January

Scorpion Season 3
Scorpion Season 3

Scorpion Season 3, episode 12 air date is delayed according to previous reports. The reason behind was not yet revealed but some updates were reported.

According to Blasting News, Scorpion Season 3, episode 12 delay is probably due to the Holiday season. The supposed release was on Monday, but the CBS series is still missing in action.

Scorpion Season 2 Episode 3 Gets Rerun

Meanwhile, fans might be wondering that if not episode 12, what CBS aired instead. The above-mentioned outlet revealed that the network had a rerun episode. They reportedly broadcasted Scorpion Season 2, episode 3, entitled Fish Filet. Obviously, they definitely went pretty far back choosing a rerun.

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The third episode of Season 2 was the one that featured Sylvester in undercover. The undercover took place in prison as he tries to save lives. However, he was threatened and ended up needing to be rescued. At the end of the day, fans still had the choice if they want to watch a rerun or not.

Scorpion Season 3, Episode 12 Details

Despite this sad news, the official synopsis for episode 12 has been released by CBS. As International Business Times states synopsis, “When a mission in the desert results in exploding shrapnel that seriously wounds Cabe, Team Scorpion must freeze his body in order to save his life.” The forthcoming episode was titled Ice Ca-Cabes and as it suggests, the story revolves around Cabe.

Moreover, the plot is set in the middle of a desert where Scorpion crew thinks they are perfectly fine. In line with this, they needed to complete a mission. However, Cabe was stroked by shrapnel and his life is in danger. Walter and the group ended up freezing Cabe’s body to keep him alive.

Unfortunately, no official sneak peek or teasers have been released for episode 12. Therefore, not much information can be unveiled. In line with this, the release is in a few weeks this is why CBS is expected to release something official soon.

Fans will soon find out Gabe’s faith when the show returned. Furthermore, Scorpion Season 3, episode 12 will be released on Jan. 2, Monday.

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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 12 Delayed for December, Gets New Air Date in January

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