Scandal Season 6 Spoilers: A Future for Jake and Olivia Still Possible

Scandal season 6 spoilers
Scott Foley

Scandal season 6 spoilers nowadays usually try to discuss who really was behind Frankie Vargas’ assassination. However, Scott Foley offers another interesting tidbit about Jake and Olivia’s possible future.

Foley, who plays Jake Ballard on the show, recently spoke to media outlets about his character’s current path in the series. Fans saw Jake marry Vanessa (Joelle Carter) in Scandal season 5’s 18th episode. For those who did not favor Jake for Olivia (Kerry Washington), the moment was some sort of good riddance.

On the other hand, the wedding may have crushed Olake (Olivia and Jake) fans’ hopes. However, it appears it’s not the end for the pair. Foley told TVLine that there’s still a chance for a romantic reunion between the two down the road. The actor told the source:

“There’s so much water under the bridge, so many bad things have happened, so many people hurt. But I think because of who Jake is and where he comes from and the life that he’s lived, I think he believes he’d be able to be OK with that — that it wouldn’t be something they’d have to sweep under the rug. Because of who he is and who she (Olivia) is, they’d be OK with it.”

Still, given the show’s current track, it would seem that possibility is still far into the future. Fans would have to wait and see what comes next for the characters.

Scandal Season 6 Spoilers Point to Jake’s Secrets

Aside from dropping tidbits about Jake’s romantic future with Olivia, Scott Foley also revealed details about his character’s potential involvement with the assassination of Frankie Vargas (Ricardo Chavira). Entertainment Weekly reports that Scandal will finally address Jake’s “disappearing act” on the night of the election.

Fans will recall that in the premiere episode, Jake disappeared from campaign headquarters. Hence, Jake appears unaccounted for in a certain period of time.

Fortunately, the series will address his missing time frame. Foley told EW:

“I can tease that in this episode, we’re going to find out exactly where Jake was on Election Night. A lot of these astute fans recognized that Jake conveniently disappeared when the results were announced in Mellie’s hotel suite. Not everybody picked up on it, but some of the fans who were paying attention really noticed that, and we’re going to find out exactly where he went, who the call was from, and what he had to go do.”

Do you think Jake had something to do with Vargas’ assassination? Catch Scandal season 6 episode 5 this March 9 at 9:00 p.m. in ABC. For more on Scandal season 6 spoilers, bookmark GoshTV.

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Scandal Season 6 Spoilers: A Future for Jake and Olivia Still Possible

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