Santa Clarita Diet Season 1 Star Drew Barrymore Almost Died While Filming

Santa Clarita Diet Season 1
Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore has revealed that she did more than play a human flesh-eating character in Santa Clarita Diet season 1. Filming for the part almost cost her life too.

The actress talked about how she almost died while filming the show. In the new Netflix comedy, Barrymore portrays Sheila Hammond, a California real estate agent who becomes a zombie and eats humans to survive.

Apparently, the Charlie’s Angels actress had an accident while filming one of the Santa Clarita Diet season 1 episodes. In the episode in question, Barrymore jumps on a man’s back to kill him.

However, Barrymore fell off and bumped her head on the concrete while rehearsing the scene. She told US Weekly:

“It was f**king terrifying. It was very serious. I’ve never had a feeling like that in my life.”

Santa Clarita Diet creator Victor Fresco explained that the actor who played as Sheila’s victim was quite a wide guy and Barrymore did not get a good grip of him. Fresco said:

“Then he held onto her legs and she slipped off, and so she just pivoted down all the way and just hit her head. I thought, ‘That’s it. We’ve killed Drew Barrymore.’”

Paramedics immediately arrived at the set in Santa Clarita, California and the 41-year-old actress was rushed to the hospital. She spent two days undergoing MRIs and CAT scans. Barrymore suffered from a concussion.

The production of Santa Clarita was shut down while Barrymore was in the hospital. She returned to work a week after the accident where she still had to film the same scene.

Barrymore recalled how she and everyone on set were scared to return to that moment. However, Fresco admitted that he never considered writing off the scene at all.

Santa Clarita Diet Actress Drew Barrymore Shares Beauty Secret

Aside from her busy schedule, the actress still has time to share about her secret of a young and glowing skin on social media. She recently posted on Instagram several photos of her favorite beauty products. Earlier this year, Barrymore affirmed that she will not consider fillers in at least another decade or so.

Barrymore said that among her favorites is her Flower beauty line foundation stick. She swore that the creamy stick gives the perfect coverage for all skin tones. The actress created her beauty empire, Flower.

She also showed that facial fillers are not required as long as you have a good facial mask. For her, the best mask is Hanacure Effect. Barrymore also attested that not all of her favorite products are expensive. Her vanity cabinet also contains some drugstore products such as Aquaphor.

Catch Barrymore in the 10-episode Santa Clarita Diet season 1. Episodes are currently available for streaming in Netflix.

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Image Source: Instagram/ Drew Barrymore

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Santa Clarita Diet Season 1 Star Drew Barrymore Almost Died While Filming

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