Samurai Jack Season 5 Air Date: Biggest Details You Should Know Before Its Return

Samurai Jack season 5
Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack season 5 returns to television via Adult Swim. Ten new episodes will delight avid fans of the critically acclaimed animated series.

In less than two months, fans can expect to watch the Samurai Jack season 5 premiere. Screen Rant recalled the earlier announcement from Cartoon Network in 2015 about the animated series’ return.

However, the actual Samurai Jack season 5 air date only became known recently via a social media bump, according to Comic Book. The late night program made the revelation after a fan asked if the new season would still happen.

What to Expect from Samurai Jack Season 5

Followers of Samurai Jack can expect a change in the tone of the series. Since it last aired in 2004, the lead character has become a bit darker and more dangerous.

Creator Genndy Tartakovsky revealed this early on. Indeed, the artwork for season 5 seemed to hint at its soft reboot owing to the character’s look.

The change would likely reflect the show’s shift to Adult Swim. The late-night program caters to a more mature audience. Moreover, the original fans of Samurai Jack are older now. Hence, it likely merits the evolution of the characters and the show in general.

In addition, fans would be happy to know the original voice of the title character is part of the reboot. Initially, Phil LaMarr dodged questions about his return in the new season. However, he finally came clean at AwesomeCon 2016.

Alas, Mako, the original voice actor of Aku passed away more than a decade ago. Hence, fans might note a change in the character’s voice. Nonetheless, expect the stylized animation that made it popular then will likely carry on.

Beyond Samurai Jack Season 5

Samurai Jack season 5 premieres March 11 on Adult Swim at 11:30 p.m. Yet would it be too pushy to ask for more so soon? Interestingly, talks surfaced years ago about a movie adaptation of the Samurai Jack series.

Apparently, Tartakovsky showed interest in the project back then. The name of filmmaker Tarsem Singh also came up.

It is unknown if they plan to take up the idea again. Nevertheless, the Samurai Jack season 5 premiere is barely two months away and it should be enough to make fans happy for now.

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Image source: Flickr/Mark Anderson Samurai Jack Artbox Cards

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Samurai Jack Season 5 Air Date: Biggest Details You Should Know Before Its Return

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