Ryan Reynolds May or May Not Reprise the Role of Green Lantern

Green Lantern
Green Lantern

Green Lantern is in the works to hit the big screen again. But it seems like this comic book character’s new version will follow its origin. Will they be able to give viewers something fresh and new?

According to Deadline, DC and Warner Bros. chose David Goyer, together with Justin Rhodes to write the script. Also, Goyer will be producing for this DC film. He will be working together with DC heads Jon Berg and Geoff Johns as executive producers.

Green Lantern Film Details

As per the earlier mentioned outlet, the brains behind the creation of this upcoming film’s plot are from Goyer and Johns. Though it will be a new version, the film will still base on the original story of the comic book.

The story is set to center on two iconic characters, Hal Jordan and John Stewart. Meanwhile, Stewart’s character was reportedly described as an African Marine Sniper. It was his profession before entering GL Corps.

In line with this, the plot will mainly revolve around him and his relationship with Jordan and the Corps. While Ryan Reynolds achieved the success in Deadpool, details about his possible connection in the upcoming film remain undisclosed.

It can be remembered that he starred in the original film. Unfortunately, the movie was showered with disappointments and did not succeed. Moreover, as soon as they get a script, they will reportedly name the chosen director.

Buckle Up for the “Lethal Weapon in Space”

AV Club reported that without much enthusiasm, Warner Bros. announced the making of this DC film in July 2015. They teased a little concept art between the trailers of Suicide Squad and Pan during Comic-Con event.

After confirming that the title would be Green Lantern Corps, nothing much has been mentioned for over a year. It is only now that new information was revealed about the project.

Furthermore, the new character is described as Lethal Weapon in Space. So moviegoers will have to see that themselves once the film finally arrives. For now, watch out for more updates about the possible actor to lead GL Corps.

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Image Source: Facebook/Green Lantern

Video Source: YouTube/Warner Bros.

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Ryan Reynolds May or May Not Reprise the Role of Green Lantern

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