The Royals Season 3 Episode 5 Sees Beck’s Return Affects Eleanor and Jasper

The Royals season 3 episode 5
The Royals season 3 episode 5

The Royals season 3 episode 5 might tear the relationship of Eleanor and Jasper apart. This is because Beck has made a comeback and is wooing his ex-girlfriend.

Eleanor, who just made her romance with Jasper (Tom Austen) official, found her ex-boyfriend in her bed as she wakes up. In episode 5 preview, Eleanor called out Beck for going to her bedroom without permission and while she was asleep.

She said in the teaser, “I don’t think you should sort of just waltz into my bedroom just because you’re in town. I don’t think that can happen anymore.”

The Royals Season 3 Episode 5: Beck and Jasper Fight for Eleanor?

Entitled as Born to Set it Right, episode 5 will also see how Jasper will react when he found out Beck just stormed off Eleanor’s room.

In the official synopsis released by TV Guide, Beck’s return will cause a confrontation with Jasper. The synopsis read, “The family’s private turmoil threatens to go public on the eve of an appearance that will be well watched.”

Will his return cause turmoil on Eleanor and Jasper’s relationship?

Eleanor and Jasper decided to make their romance official after two seasons. After dealing with lies, betrayal, and constant fighting, the love birds has decided to pursue their romance.

It even came to a point where Jasper talked to Sarah Alice and revealed his love for Eleanor. It can be recalled that Lord Twysden “Beck” Beckwith II was married but fell in love for Princess Eleanor. He then left his wife for the princess but she eventually left him.

The Royals Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

Former crown prince Robert also had a sudden and miraculous return in The Royals season 5 episode 5. He was considered to be dead, Entertainment Weekly said.

Last episode, Queen Helena’s (Elizabeth Hurley) plan to announce Liam and Eleanor’s paternity was scrapped after Robert’s sudden return. His girlfriend Lima meanwhile had to cut ties with Kathryn because of his return.

Catch The Royals season 3 episode 5 “Born to Set It Right” on E! on January 8. Its next episode will be shown on January 15.

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Image Source: Facebook/ The Royals

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The Royals Season 3 Episode 5 Sees Beck’s Return Affects Eleanor and Jasper

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