Rob Kardashian Gears Up to Turn His Health Around

Rob Kardashian

Looks like Rob Kardashian is pretty serious about getting back in good health. He and Blac Chyna were seen in a number of social media posts to be hiking through the canyons around Los Angeles.

Rob Kardashian Begins New Year With Weight Loss Regime

Over the weekend Kardashian posted an image of his and Chyna’s feet in matching trainers.

The parents of Dream Kardashian, who was born less than two months ago, shared images of the two-hour hike on the social media. Chyna’s Snapchat Story showed a shot that captured the canyon in one sweeping move before coming to a rest on Kardashian’s smiling face.

In another clip, that the 28-year-old posted, Kardashian could be seen walking a bit up the path and then out of frame wearing a baseball cap.

In an Instagram video that Rob Kardashian posted at the end of their trek the caption revealed that they had hiked for two hours, the Mail Online reported.

Another clip featured the landscape below the couple and then alighted upon Chyna who displayed a peace sign. In a Snapchat photo of Kardashian, his soon-to-be-bride looked over the canyon vista. After the hike, Chyna’s Snapchat featured a clip in which she sat in the car beside Kardashian. Her hood pulled up as she grooved to the music, seated beside her fiancé.

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Rob Kardashian Admitted to Hospital

Last Wednesday, the reality star ended up in the hospital due to complications relating to his type 2 diabetes.

“Rob wasn’t feeling well and recognised that his symptoms were diabetes-related,” a source told People Magazine (via Mirror). “Rob has made some changes to his lifestyle, but all the latest drama with Blac Chyna has made him depressed. And he has been on a terrible diet. He hasn’t been taking care of himself, and that’s why he’s now sick again.”

The same site reported that Rob Kardashian had gained weight for excessive eating following his brief separation with Chyna. After Chyna alleged that Kardashian had verbally abused her, the reality star took to the social media to publicly apologize.

“This weekend I was in an emotional bad place and did some things that embarrassed myself and my family. I apologize and I’m seeking help to deal with my flaws/issues. Please pray for me and I’m sorry @blacchyna. You are a great mother to our child and I love you. (sic)” he wrote.

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Rob Kardashian Gears Up to Turn His Health Around

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