Riverdale Season 2 and More: There’s a Possibility for Another Archie Series

Riverdale season 2
Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes

Despite being well-received by critics, there is still no official news for a Riverdale season 2 renewal. Nevertheless, it seems more programming could come to life based on the Archie Comics.

An exclusive report from The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Archie Comics signed a development deal with Warner Bros. Television. While the Riverdale series allows the appearance of iconic Archie Comics characters, the deal will pave way for more characters to come to life on TV.

Archie CEO Jon Goldwater spoke about other characters that could be adapted for the small screen. The executive tells THR, “Archie is unique in that we have a huge library of characters that are not only recognizable, but they’re successful and entertaining.”

THR details that Katy Keene and superheroes from the company’s Dark Circle imprint make up some of Archie Comics’ other properties. There is a rich roster of characters who can make their way to TV.

The Possibility for a Riverdale Season 2

Riverdale is only at its early stages. However, fans already hooked with the show could be wondering whether a season 2 comes around. At this point there’s still no official word on the matter.

However, some sources already shared their verdict on a possible Riverdale season 2. According to Screener‘s Cancel Bear, the show has a strong chance for renewal.

First reason cited by the source is Riverdale‘s consistent ratings. Although it does not boast higher numbers like its DC Comics counterparts, the numbers it delivered were solid.

The Cancel Bear’s second reason points to Greg Berlanti. As per the source, Berlanti is responsible for other programs in the network’s schedule. Hence, the inclusion of Riverdale under his wing could prove as another hold for The CW to renew the series.

Riverdale Episode 4

While fans wait for an announcement of a renewal, they’ll get their next fix of the season with episode 4 airing this Thursday. A promo for the episode showed the gang doubting Ms. Grundy’s background.

Betty tells Archie, “Ms. Grundy showed up in Riverdale out of thin air. Everything about her is a huge question mark.” The line is then followed by the word “liar” on screen.

Later on, the characters further discover that the name Ms. Grundy is going with belongs to a dead woman. Betty then raises the question on whether the teacher had something to do with Jason’s murder.

The promo ends with Archie asking Ms. Grundy directly on who she really is. Archie and avid fans of the show will find out the answer this February 16 at 9 p.m. in The CW.

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Image Source: Instagram/Camila Mendes

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Riverdale Season 2 and More: There’s a Possibility for Another Archie Series

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