Riggs Demands Justice in Lethal Weapon Season 1 Finale But Murtaugh Caught in the Middle

Lethal Weapon season 1 finale
Lethal Weapon

Riggs becomes fearless in the Lethal Weapon season 1 finale after learning the truth about Miranda’s death.

The Lethal Weapon season 1 finale titled Commencement airs March 15. It appears Roger Murtaugh (Damon Wayans) will have a tougher time talking some sense to his partner Martin Riggs (Clayne Crawford).

Given his mindset, Riggs has only one thing on his mind and that is revenge. Hence, Murtaugh’s dilemma. Can he save his partner from his own destructive behavior in the Lethal Weapon season 1 finale?

Lethal Weapon Season 1 Finale Synopsis

The synopsis posted by Spoiler TV reveals the reason why Riggs has become more reckless than ever in episode 18. As it turns out, the death of his wife Miranda (Floriana Lima) was not an accident after all.

Previously, episode 17 A Problem Like Maria saw Riggs torn between happiness with DEA Agent Karen Palmer (guest star Hilarie Burton) and guilt at the memory of his wife Miranda. Although it has been a year since her death, Riggs still blames himself for what happened.

As a result, he becomes more uncontrollable in the field. Thus, putting the lives of those around him at greater risk and a fact Murtaugh has to contend with as his partner. However, this time around could be different as the stakes are higher given what Riggs found out. Apparently, his wife was in fact one of the Cartel’s targets likely in retaliation against him and his work.

The Lethal Weapon season 1 finale promo teases a number of tense moments between Riggs and Murtaugh. Clearly, the truth shook Riggs to his core. Hence, his thirst for justice.

Moreover, it begs to ask how far he is willing to go to get it. Apparently, all the way as he holds Gideon Lyon (Matt Passmore) hostage. Yet will Riggs cross over to being a cold-blooded killer? Moreover, will Murtaugh let him?

Matt Miller Talks About Lethal Weapon Season 2

The relationship between Murtaugh and Riggs is complex. Yet despite this, they both know they need each other, executive producer Matt Miller told Matt Fowler of IGN. Miller also teased about what season 2 might bring to the relationship.

“Every time one is down the other’s there to pick him back up. And certainly in Season 1, Riggs has been down a lot more than Murtaugh, but I think that dynamic may change in Season 2. But I really like the quieter moments between the two guys at the end of the episodes. When they realize that despite all their differences and despite all the insanity that Riggs puts Murtaugh through, they kind of need each other. And they love each other to a certain extent.”

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Image source: Facebook/Lethal Weapon FOX

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Riggs Demands Justice in Lethal Weapon Season 1 Finale But Murtaugh Caught in the Middle

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