Former Time Lord Offers Who Should Replace Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who Season 11

Doctor Who season 11
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Doctor Who season 11 is suddenly without a Time Lord. Not to worry, former Time Lords offered their choices to take over Peter Capaldi’s post.

Two former Time Lords are speaking up after Capaldi confirmed his exit. Interestingly, their choices to take his place could mean a major change in the long-running science fiction series, as fans know it.

Since time immemorial, the Time Lord has always been a man. Yet could the successor for Doctor Who season 11 finally be a woman?

Tilda Swinton as Doctor Who Season 11 Doctor

If the eighth regeneration of the Time Lord had his way, then Tilda Swinton could be part of the Doctor Who season 11 cast. According to Radio Times, former Doctor Paul McGann has his sights set on the actress.

McGann tweeted a picture of Swinton. Interestingly, his tweet garnered positive responses from netizens albeit his caption to re-imagine the future Time Lord in Joker makeup.

Surprisingly, Tilda Swinton is not on the list of earlier contenders for the role, male or female. Yet by the looks of it, the campaign to get her the coveted role has begun.

David Tennant Chooses Another Actress

The tenth regeneration of the Time Lord has thrown his hat into the Doctor Who season 11 debate. Interestingly, David Tennant’s name came up before. Speculations teased of his possible return to the series.

Nevertheless, it would appear he has no interest in taking up the role again. Instead, he offered his own choice of who should take over the role from Peter Capaldi.

According to Telegraph, Tennant considers his Broadchurch colleague, Olivia Colman, as the brilliant choice for the role. Incidentally, the ITV crime drama series was the creation of Chris Chibnall. Hence, Tennant teased about a fictional discussion between the actress and the next head writer of Doctor Who season 11.

“If the two of them [Colman and Chibnall] have been having top secret discussions behind my back, I will be furious! Olivia would clearly be a magnificent choice,” Tennant said.

It remains unknown if Chris Chibnall will take the hint and finally cast a female doctor. Indeed, Chibnall would not be lacking in options for a replacement.

As it turns out, Peter Capaldi votes for Frances de la Tour from Harry Potter as the female 13th doctor. Thus, the timing could be right to give the series a fresh start since the higher ups also want change.

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Image Source: Facebook/Doctor Who

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Former Time Lord Offers Who Should Replace Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who Season 11

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