Not Living Up to the Original Show’s Humor Could Be Reason for Girl Meets World Cancellation

Girl Meets World
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Girl Meets World fans finally know the fate of the show.

Talk of its cancellation loomed for some time. Indeed, the recent comments of Rider Strong did not help ease the concern of its fans. Thus, many remained hopeful the Disney spinoff series would continue.

However, the network has finally decided to pull the plug on the show after only three seasons. Thus, the series ends after 69 episodes.

Did Girl Meets World miss the mark?

Consequently, news of the cancellation leads to speculation as to its likely cause. Perhaps, it could have something to do with the drop in its audience share. Indeed, from 5.16 million viewers during its premiere, the numbers went to about 1.5 million by the third season.

Alas, the problem could lie in its constant comparison to the original series Boy Meets World. Apparently, the spinoff does not seem to have the same level of humor as the first. Then again, Forbes points out the Girl Meets World lessons do live up to the standards set by its predecessor.

The series finale episode airs on January 20 at 6:00 p.m. EST. The show’s writers took to Twitter with their words of gratitude to fans for their support.

“It is with incredible pride in our work and complete sadness that things end, that I report to this wonderful audience that our show is over. I just officially got the call, and would like to thank this audience for its incredible love and loyalty. Please watch our January episodes. We leave you with three incredible souvenirs of a show we couldn’t be more proud of. As I look back I can tell you with absolute certainty – we gave you our best,” GMWWriters posted.

Last Minute Honor for Girl Meets World

Surprisingly, hours after its announcement, Girl Meets World received a nomination for Outstanding Children’s Program from PGA Awards, Deadline reports. It is unknown if this latest development is enough to reverse the show’s fate and possibly bring it back for another season. Nonetheless, it is good news for the series in light of its cancellation.

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Image source: Facebook/Girl Meets World

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Not Living Up to the Original Show’s Humor Could Be Reason for Girl Meets World Cancellation

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