Real Housewives of ISIS Comedy Skit is ‘Insensitive’ and ‘Sick’ Says Critics

Real Housewives of ISIS
Real Housewives of ISIS

BBC’s Revolting, a satirical show, came up with a skit titled Real Housewives of ISIS featuring Jihadi brides and posted the clip online on Tuesday. A mocking take on the Real Housewives TV series, the new sketch was an attempt to promote Revolting but came under fire for joking about a serious issue like that of the Jihadi brides.

The skit follows four British women in Hijab talking about their new lives in the ISIS.

Real Housewives of ISIS: A Satirical Take on Jihadi Brides

Revolting’s Real Housewives of ISIS shows four British women in hijab playing the brides of ISIS fighters. A scene from the new sketch shows one of the four women showing off a suicide vest.

“Oh, babe, you look gorgeous!” comments a friend. In the next scene, the friend tells the camera, “She looked massive. You’re gonna need a lot of Semtex to kill that one.”

In another scene, a character complains about nothing to wear to the next beheading. “Only three days to the beheading, and I’ve no idea what I’m going to wear,” she said.

However, quite predictably the social media did not respond to the skit in a very positive way. Rather it was criticized for being “insensitive.” It received backlash for underestimating the grave issue of Jihadi brides, the Hollywood Reporter noted. Moreover, mocking the Islamic State can prove to be a dangerous move.

Real Housewives of ISIS VS the Social Media Community

Although meant in a satirical way, Real Housewives of ISIS did not go down well with the online community. It has been harshly criticized for trivializing a sensitive issue. According to many, it was a “distasteful” move on the part of its makers, given that there are many cases of British girls under the age of 18 being lured to and groomed by the Islamic States.

“Sick, you are truly sick in the head and morally bankrupt.” -Vanessa Beeley

A critic took to Facebook to share, “All the fun of an off-base Amy Schumer skit with the same lack of awareness of anything other than itself. It’s a bit like Carry On films. The humor is only funny if you look down on someone else and enjoy seeing them unhappy because they are not white and Christian.”

Many even said that they are disappointed that BBC could produce such a show, the Telegraph reported.

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Real Housewives of ISIS Comedy Skit is ‘Insensitive’ and ‘Sick’ Says Critics

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